Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth?

Do you know which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth? Let’s know about it. The fish with this surprising habit is the Sea Catfish found in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of America. Another surprising thing is that it is the male that takes on the job of looking after the future family, rather than the female.

Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth

After the eggs have been laid and fertilized, the male quickly takes them up into his mouth. They form quite a mouthful as they can be the size of marbles and number up to fifty.

They fill his mouth completely and prevent him from feeding. He carries them around for a month and all this time he is fasting, living off the stored food reserves he built up before spawning took place.

Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth
The wels Catfish grows to huge sizes in muddy – bottomed lakes in central Europe. Specimens grow to 9 feet in length and some compete with the Arapaima’s claim to being the largest freshwater fish in the world.

His motherly role does not end when the eggs hatch. For another two weeks the youngsters swim into his mouth to hide when danger threatens.

Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth
Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth?

All the catfishes have long fleshy extensions from around the mouth called barbells. It is because these faintly resemble whiskers that catfish were so-called. In fact they are used rather like whiskers. They are sensitive and they help the catfish feel its way around and food in murky waters.

Which fish is the freshwater shark?

You have only to notice the long wide snout of the pike, bristling with razor sharp teeth, and its powerful long body, to realize how it came to be called the ‘freshwater shark’. Pike are greedy, predatory fishes that ambush their prey.

They stand motionless in the water, usually concealed in a weed bed, and wait until a shoal of smaller fishes flits by. Then the pike gives a tremendous thrust with its powerful tail and shoots form hiding into the shoal.

Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth
This sequence shows the embryo pike inside the egg; the young pike, immediately after hatching, with its yolk sac which is slowly absorbed as food; and successive growth stages to the adult fish.

The panic-stricken fishes often explode from the surface in their efforts to escape the pike. The pike’s jaws clamp shut on its victim and the fish INS powerless to escape because the rows of teeth in the upper jaw point backwards. The fish in quickly swallowed head first.

How savage are piranha fishes?

Piranhas are said to be savage enough to have once attacked a man on a horse fording a stream in South America, and killed them both. This is an old story and whether it is true or not is uncertain.

What is certain is that these terrible fishes are feared through South America for their ferocity. They live in shoals- ‘packs’ is perhaps a better word and they usually feed on other fishes.

Which fish keeps its eggs in its mouth
A piranha with a drawing of the head skeleton to show the powerful short jaws and razor sharp teeth. The teeth slice through flesh with ease.

However, they will quickly strip the flesh from any animal falling into the water. They have been known to devour crocodiles and even cows in this way, leaving only the bones picked clean of any meat. There are about twenty species of piranha in South America but only four are really dangerous.

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