Which Fishes Build Bubble Nests?

Let’s discover which fishes build bubble nests. There is a whole group of fishes that construct nests form bubbles. These are the labyrinth fishes from south-east Asia and Africa Perhaps the most well known are the Siamese fighting fishes.

The male Siamese fighting fishes blow bubbles, coated with a sticky secretion, just under the surface of the water. The bubbles cling together and eventually a nest several inches across and half an inch deep is formed.

The female fighting fish joins the male under the nest and they spawn; the male twisting his body around the female to fertilize the eggs as they are laid.

Which Fishes build Bubble Nests

The sequence of nest building, spawning and hatching of the fry of the Siamese fighting fish. The newly hatched ‘fighter’ is shown.

As each batch is laid the male retrieves the eggs from the bottom and blows them gently into the bubbles of the nest. When spawning is complete he drives the female away and tends the nest until the eggs hatch.

He catches and replaces eggs that may fall from the nest and repairs any damage by blowing fresh bubbles. The eggs hatch within twenty-four hours.

Why does the clown-fish live among the dangerous tentacles of a sea anemone?

A beautiful and fascinating spectacle in a seawater aquarium is the vividly colored common clownfish nestling in, and swimming among, the gently waving tentacles of a giant sea anemone. As we have seen, the arms of anemones are lined with thousands of stinging cells, and yet in some way the clownfishes seem unaffected by these.

Which Fishes build Bubble Nests

This Fire Clownfish has laid its eggs on a rock surface within easy reach of its sea anemone companion.

It is thought that the slimy secretion from the scales of the fishes probably helps to inhibit the effect of the stinging cells. The association between the clownfishes and the anemone is a symbiotic one that is to say that both partners benefit from the arrangement.

Which Fishes build Bubble Nests

The fire Clownfish is found throughout the central Pacific Ocean and usually lives in close association with a giant sea anemone.

The fishes enjoy the luxury of a perfect hiding place from predators, which are probably occasionally lured into the anemone’s arms, and the anemone also probably benefits from food brought to it by the fishes.

What is dangerous about the scorpionfishes?

Their name may give you a clue as to why these fishes must be handled very carefully. These striking fishes are popular in marine aquariums. Drifting through the water with all their fins fully extended, they look wonderfully majestic.

Which Fishes build Bubble Nests

A common Scorpionfish and a Regal Scorpionfish. These fishes rarely use their spines in an attack, merely for defense. There are several hundred types of these fishes including zebrafishes, dragonfishes, lionfishes, and turkey fishes. They all have tasty flesh and one species, the redfish, you may have eaten as ‘fish fingers’

As you can see, the fins are composed of long, separate spines and it is eighteen of these that are potentially very dangerous. The spines have poison glands and if you are unlucky enough to be pricked, venom is injected into the wound, causing great pain for several hours.

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