Which is the Biggest Bear?

Imagine a bear 10 feet long, standing 4 feet tall at the shoulder and weighing nearly a ton. This is the size of the largest bear (and therefore the largest carnivore) there is, the Kodiak bear from Alaska. You might wonder how dangerous such an enormous bear would be if you suddenly disturbed it in a clearing. Let’s find more abut which is the biggest bear.

Which is the biggest bear?

Bears tend to be unpredictable creatures and often attack with no warning at all. Technics are that your encounter would be very dangerous indeed. Do not be misled by the bear’s slow, lumbering movements.

It is a very powerful animal and can quickly move in range to deliver deadly blows from its huge front paws. Bears do not kill by hugging but by swiping their paws, armed with sharp claws, at their prey.

Which is the Biggest Bear

Grizzly Bears and Kodiak bears are thought to be of the same family as the Brown Bear. Brown Bears (right) are widely distributed and vary a lot in appearance over their range

Which bears wear glasses?

A small bear from Tropical South America has rather odd face markings. The bear has a creamy yellow snout and fur of the same color runs from its nose in various patterns.

Sometimes the lines of lighter fur encircle the eyes and cross the nose, giving the bear the comical appearance of wearing a pair of glasses. Not surprisingly the bear has come to be called the spectacles bear although the markings are never the same in any two bears.

Some spectacled bears may have only the bottom half of their ‘glasses’, whereas in others the eye rings are so thick they completely fill the face.

Which is the Biggest Bear

All bears can climb trees but the Spectated Bear is particularly expert at clambering among the branches to feed on leaves, fruit and nuts.

Which is the smallest bear?

The Sun Bear from southern Asia is not much bigger than a large dog, in contrast to the mighty size of the Kidiak Bear. The little Sun Bear is about 4 feet long with a 2-inch tail, and stands 2 feet tall at the shoulder.

It is another bear with an odd marking, this time on the chest. Some individuals have a crescent shape in lighter fur on their front which, in the East, is said to represent the rising sun-hence the bear’s name.

The sun Bear spends most of its time clambering through the tree tops in search of food. It will eat any small animals it can catch, lizards and baby birds for example, honey from wild bees’ nests and some fruit.

Which is the Biggest Bear

Another excellent climber, the Sun Bear displays its characteristic chest markings from the fork of a tree

How well can the Polar Bear swim?

It is difficult to imagine a large, bulky animal like a bear being able to swim very far. The Polar Bear is a remarkable swimmer and has been reported swimming strongly out at sea more than 200 miles from the nearest land.

The Polar Bear has a long neck and by thrusting its  head out of the  water and paddling with its wide front paws alone, it is able to  swim steadily for long periods (actually much faster than you can  walk). These bears live among the shifting pack-ice and freezing waters of the Arctic Ocean. A less inviting place for a swim would be difficult to imagine.

The Polar Bear is well insulated from the cold by a thick layer of blubber and a long, which coat of fur. Polar bears have a varied diet but prey mainly on seals.

Which is the Biggest Bear

Polar bears (right) are also very fast movers on ice, and can lumber along at speeds of up to 18 mph. Hair on the soles of their feet prevents them from slipping

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