Who is Webmaster and his Responsibility

Intranets are managed by managers who have been designated as webmasters. In the internet world, the webmaster is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of websites. This term and the role borrowed from the internet is also used in the intranet. Let’s know who is webmaster including the key responsibility of a webmaster.

Who is Webmaster?

Webmasters are skilled in developing worldwide web. They are highly educated to maintain and develop a site completely.

There’re millions of sites that are successfully published on the web but all of these sites are not published by a webmaster.

In the single sentence, people who manage websites and develop the user experience of a site is called webmaster. A webmaster is committed to producing advanced designed websites.

Nowadays, you may found a huge amount of webmasters and they point own self a webmasters. But, the truth is, most of them are not skilled in web developing and maintain a site as a professional webmasters do.

In the marketplaces like Upwork and freelancer, you may easily find a webmaster for your project. You’ve to consider a few things before you hire them for your project.

You should check their profile ratings and reviews and time of experience as well to ensure the quality.

Obviously, you should take a test via the social of a webmaster to ensure that how comfortable he could be with your projects.

Hope now you are clear that who is Webmaster and let’s find now the responsibility of a webmaster.

Responsibility of a Webmaster

A webmaster is committed to working with huge responsibilities. If he can work successfully with his essential responsibilities then we may call him a webmaster.

Responsibility depends on the type of job of a webmaster. Below, I’m writing about the major responsibilities of a webmaster.

1. Planning for a site: A webmaster should provide you a better plan to publish your site. You must have to plan a goal before you ready your site. A webmaster should help you make your plan successful.

2. Designing a site: A webmaster should able to design a custom website by hand and he needs good enough experience in CMS as well.

3. Publishing & Maintaining: A webmaster should publish a site very safely and deliver you every single information you need. A webmaster should provide you solutions in the future to maintain your site successfully for a long time.

4. Creation and maintenance of intranet servers and services: A webmaster is responsible for the creation and maintenance of intranet servers and services and is responsible for updating the content of the Web sites, mail directories, integrating with databases, connection with the internet, etc.

5. Gathering knowledge about the organization’s activity and the internet: A webmaster must know the organization’s activities very well, besides being familiar with the internet and being thorough with programming languages and network technology. The webmaster should be able to visualize the present and future goals of Web sites.

6. Emerging technologies and business models must fascinate the webmaster. Since the webmaster is required to have many types of skills, and since no one person may have them, the greatest ability that one is looking for is that of a desire to learn and acquire new skills.

7. Eh, webmaster mast clearly understands the organization’s problems and challenges, develop a cross-organizational plan for the intranet, translate it into a technical plan to support the plan, and deploy support tools to provide the desired intranet services, with an eye to the future for full intranet services.

As the intranet grows, the webmaster may cause to be just one person. In larger organizations, several people collectively may act as the webmaster or as an intranet team.

The webmaster can enable intranet applications to be ready for other sites of an organization through the internet gateway. This role converts an intranet to an extranet.

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