Who was the First Explorer to Visit Britain?

Do you know who was the first explorer known by name? Let’s discover the fact, below is the history of first explorer.

In about 325 B.C. a young man called Pytheas decided to leave home and see what lay over the horizon. He left the Greek colony of Massilia (Now Marseilles in France) and sailed westwards.

When he reached the Atlantic, Pytheas turned north, hugging the Spanish and French coasts until he came at last to Britain. He was very interested in all he saw, especially the Cornish tin industry about which he wrote in detail, explaining how tin was extracted, smelted and taken by wagon to St Michael’s Mount for shipment of France.

And this was more than 2,000 years ago! Having covered most of Britain on foot, Pytheas then set sail again, heading northwards.

Who was the First Explorer Known by Name
A Greek galley of the type used by Pytheas on his amazing voyage.

He visited Scotland, the Shetland Isles and, it is believed, Iceland. Being used to the warm, tideless Mediterranean, he marveled at the rise and fall of the tides, especially the Orkneys, and the drifting ice he saw on the surface of the northern seas.

Who was the First Explorer Known by Name
Who was the First Explorer Known by Name

When he returned home he wrote of the wonders he had seen, but like so many explorers that were to follow him, many of his readers refused to believe a word of what he had written.

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