Why do Civets Smell?

The characteristic of a civet is enough to make your nose wrinkle. The smell comes from a liquid called musk secreted form glands near the civet’s reproductive organs. The musk is evaluable substance and in parts of Africa civets are kept on farms and the musk collected from them several times a week. Let’s now find out why do civets smell?

Why do civets smell?

You must wondering what possible use such a strange liquid could have. The clear, yellow liquid is collected in very small amount and sent all over the world to the makers of the most expensive perfumes. Musk is used as fixative in perfume making because it contains certain important oils and fats.

A fixative is a substance that helps to bring out and preserve the scents of other ingredients of the perfume. Although the musk smells awful when it is secreted by the civet, once it is diluted, it begins to smell quite pleasant. There strange thing is that it is the male civets which have the more powerful smell in order to attract the females.

The scent that women wear today has the opposite effect of course, by attracting men. Coverts are cat-like carnivores with long bodies and tails and pointed noses.

Why do Civets Smell

Why do Civets Smell: Palm civets from southern Asia are smaller than most civets, and spend more time in trees. The Common Palm Civet; the Masked Palm Civet; and the large Indian Civet.

Are hyenas cowardly?

Hyenas seem to have gained a reputation for cowardice. They are well-adapted for killing their own prey, however, but although strong, cannot run at high speeds for any distance. Instead of being active predators themselves, their role in life seems to be clearing put after other animals.

They feed on carrion and scavenge the remains of carcases left by lions, tigers and other big cats. Short, powerful jaws crunch through bones of any size and hyenas leave hardly a scrap of waste form such meat.

If driven by hunger they will kill for themselves but even then will, more often not, only attack a young or defenseless animal offering no resistance. Hyenas have been known to hunt in packs; however, harrying a zebra until it could be overcome by cooperative effort.

Why do Civets Smell

There are two well known specious of hyena: the Striped and the Spotted, and a third, rare, Brown Hyena, all of which come from Africa.

How does a Mongoose kill a snake?

The Mongoose is best known for being able to attack and kill large poisonous snakes such as cobras. It is a slender, weasel-like animal, and the secret of its success against snakes lies in its wonderful agility.

At a confrontation, the cobra rears up and faces the mongoose. The mongoose entices the snake to strike but at the same instant nimbly sidesteps the lunging fangs and crushes the snake’s head in its jaws.

Why do Civets Smell

There are over forty specious of mongooses from southern Asia, Africa and Madagascar. They all look very much alike and have similar habits. An Indian Mongoose is shown above.

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