Why do salmon leap waterfalls?

Do you know why do salmon leap waterfalls? Let’s know detail abut it. You may have been lucky enough to watch salmon jumping from the churning mass of water below a waterfall, trying to leap over it to continue their journey upstream.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

It sometimes takes several attempts but he salmon usually mange it in the end. What drives them to swim upstream rivers with obstacles such as this?

Both Pacific and Atlantic salmon are hatched in fresh water streams but live for most of their lives in the sea. After several years of feeding and growing fat in the sea, the salmon instinctively try to the stream of their birth to spawn.

Although they may be hundreds of miles from the mouth of their home river, they somehow find their way back to it.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

Zoologists have discovered that salmon have a well-developed sense of taste and so they may be able to recognize the smell of the water from their own river. They swim upstream, leaping obstacles on the way, until they find a suitable gravel bottom for spawning.

Once this is done are exhausted from the effort for they do not once they have entered the river form the sea.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

Big salmon have been known to leap as high as 10 feet in attempts to clear waterfalls. They sometimes swim up through the plunging water of really steep falls.

Pacific salmon die at this stage but Atlantic salmon drift back to the sea. Many die from fungus disease on the way but some survive to continue a marine life. After hatching, the young salmon live for about a year in the stream before descending to the sea where food is abundant.

What are hatchet fishes?

It seems a strange name but some of these fishes really look like a hatchet or chopper. They are very thin fishes, flattened from side to side. The front half of their body is very deep and shaped like a blade. There are two groups of hatchet fishes, one that lives in the sea and one that lives in fresh water.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

The marine hatchet fish has a more striking appearance than the unrelated freshwater type.

The marine hatchet fishes are small, ugly deep sea fishes. They have enormous eyes and flashing light organs along their sides. They hang motionless in the water and do not do much normal swimming. Instead they migrate to and from the surface each night to feed on plankton.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

To keep freshwater hatchet fishes in an aquarium you must have a cover to prevent them from flying out!

The freshwater hatchet fishes come from South America. They are said to be the only fishes that a truly fly. They leap from the water and propel themselves through the air for short distances by beating their enlarged pectoral fins.

What is the largest freshwater fish in the world?

The Arapaima from South America is generally thought to be one of the largest freshwater fishes in the world. The biggest one found is aid to have been 15 feet in length with a weight of over 400 pounds.

Why do salmon leap waterfalls

Arapaimas grow quickly to large sizes and have been known to live for eighteen years.

Most are between 7 and 8 feet long with a weight of 200 pounds, but even this is a colossal size a freshwater fish.

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