Why does the Earth look so Young?

As we have seen, the Earth has kept many secrets about herself. Geologists have been able to learn some of these secrets by looking carefully at the way in which the processes within and at the surface of the planet are constantly in motion. One of these secrets has been called to the Earth’s secret of eternal youth. Let’s know more about why does the earth look so young?

This really means that while, for example, a person is born; grows up, grows up, grows old, and eventually, dies; the Earth seems to look as young as it always has, at least, during man’s short stay. This does not mean that the earth always stays exactly the same. ON the contrary, it is changing all the time.

Why does the Earth look so Young

This diagram shows the water cycle.

Have you ever looked into a kaleidoscope? If you have you will know that the ever-changing patterns as you turn it are made up of different combinations of the same pieces of colored glass. In the same way, the basic building blocks of the earth are the same now as they every were and the only thing that is being added is energy in the form of the Sun’s rays. This is the fuel of the Earth’s ‘boiler’.

But if the materials stay the same, why does the Earth not grow old and die? IN fact, the Earth is aging, but this is happening so slowly as far as we are concerned that it is not easily noticeable.

Of course, geologists can look back into the past and see that over a very long time changes have taken place to the planet as a whole and especially in any one area of the globe. But these changes take place in the way which scientists call geological cycles.

Why does the Earth look so Young

A landscape sculptured by some of the surface processes such as the effects of water, wind, and ice.

There are lots of different geological cycles.  For example, the Sun’s warmth heats up the sea, driving some of it up into the sky as water vapor. (This is called evaporation.) This water comes together into the clouds we see and then falls as rain, some of the land and some straight back into the sea.  The rain that falls on land forms the streams and rivers and again returns to the sea, so completing the ‘cycle’.

Why does the Earth look so Young

The famous Grand canyon in Arizona. North America is over 1600 meters deep in some places and shows what effects a river can have on the landscape.

Other cycles wear away mountains and build new ones elsewhere, or take animal wastes into the soil the fertilizer plants which feed the animals, and so on.

We need these cycles which keep the Earth looking so young because through them many of the materials we use in our industries are brought to the surface, reborn, or even made by them.

Of course, some of these cycles take millions of years to complete and we may consume their products in our factories in hundreds or sometimes even tens of years.

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