Advantages of Success of Strategic Human Resource Management

A number of ways and means may be adopted for the success of (Strategic Human Resource Management) SHRM. These advantages of the success of strategic human resource management are briefly enumerated below:

Advantages of success of strategic human resource management

Proper policy: Policy is a proper guideline and tactful procedure that may correct the work activities to the goal hi a strategic way. Before establishing policy, some integrated strategic human resource aspects must be considered as a major panacea, hi our country, it is not effectively practiced in organizations. So all organizations need to know SHRM and how it may be established as well as what procedures and techniques may be applied successfully to implement the policy. Some issues may be considered for success in our country.

Acceptability of policy: In the present scenario in Bangladesh, HRM is not strictly practiced. To make the policy of SHRM Effective, management should make the subject of human resource management easy for the employees and should make them easy to go through the policy. That’s why the policy should be acceptable. As a result, the success of strategic human resource management will happen and will enrich day by day.

Capability: Capability is one of the most important means to the success of strategic human resource management in Bangladesh or in any country in the world. Capability is the basic quality of any management that enables an organization to perform effectively and efficiently. In Bangladesh, people are very much competent in some sectors to manage the organization’s tasks in various ways. In some sectors, human resource management is not effective or capable to perform the strategic human resource management tasks in Bangladesh. Some have a lack of capacity in the technical aspects of knowledge aspects. However, in Bangladesh, the capacity of the individual must be increased to perform SHRM tasks effectively. Only capable individuals can improve the whole strategic human resource policy of an organization.

Advantages of Success of Strategic Human Resource Management
Advantages of Success of Strategic Human Resource Management

Top management support: To establish successful SHRM in an organization, top management support is a must. Top management develops strategic human resource activities and formulates these activities for the organization’s success. If the top management of an organization does not support any activity it will not be successful.

Trade union support: Trade union provides vital support for the development of the organization. Trade union directly influences the productivity of the organization. If a trade union does not process the input correctly, the output target cannot be achieved. So management must understand the importance of trade unions. If management wants the success of SHRM in the organization, they will need proper trade union support.

Impartiality: In order to get success in the implementation of SHRM, Bangladesh management needs to be impartial and neutral in their work. Partiality often causes bad selection for the organization. The practice of impartiality in management works great for the organization. The people, who are selected for the organization impartial 1 y, can become a great asset.

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