Alumni Meet Invitation Letter Sample to the Student

Alumni is a very important event for a student. This is a big day for every student. On this day ex-student of the college, university, and school met with each other. Every year, many organizations arrange alumni.

Students also respond very effectively. Now the question is, how will organizers spread the news of alumni? The easiest way is by sending an invitation letter. This is a formal letter from the university/ school/ college to invite students to alumni.

The letter should be written in an easy way. The letter should contain the date, place, and guests. Another thing is the fees of the alumni and all details of the ceremony. Here is a sample letter of an alumni meet invitation letter.

Alumni meet invitation letter

Date: 9th October 2022


Dear fellow alumni,
We are happy to inform you that the 2016 NSU grand alumni will be held on 18th May 2017 at the NSU garden and beach resort with freshmen batches from 2010 to 2016. You already know that NSU’s alumni are a very special event for every student.

As advance information, registration will start from (Mention the day). In the program, everyone will be spiced with a barrio fiesta mood as Ron Dallas will be filling the air with the music and songs which will be followed by our first launch together and the meeting of alumni and environment. Here will be the most exciting things that some famous singer performs for our alumni.

The registration fee is still (Price of Fees). We will keep you informed with more details on this very important alumni gathering at the soonest possible time. We are earnestly counting on your active involvement in this annual alumni activity for us to be always connected and updated with other alumni coming home from very faraway places.

Warmest regard,
(Your Name)

Alumni Meet Invitation Letter
Alumni Meet Invitation Letter

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