11 Barriers to Good Communication

There are many barriers to good communication and they are really very harmful to make the effective communication. So, if anyone want to make effective communication he should resolve the following issue which are the main barriers to good communication.

Barriers to good communication

It is not possible that every time the message transmitted by the superior is properly understood and assimilated by those for whom it is intended. It is obstructed by many obstacles or hindrances.  These are referred to as barriers to communication.

It includes those factors referred to as barriers to communication. It includes those factors which cause disturbance either in the mind of the communicator or the communicate tor in the response, ignorance, or misunderstanding.

The main barriers to effective communication may arise if:

  1. The message is not planned;
  2. The message is poorly structured and worded;
  3. The meanings of the words in the message are not delimited;
  4. The status of the sender and that of the receiver are different;
  5. Communication is attempted under coercive conditions;

    Barriers to Good Communication
    Barriers to Good Communication
  6. The original message is not faithfully and truthfully retained;
  7. Assumptions made in the message are not explicit;
  8. There is an interruption during the transmission of the message;
  9. The listener is inattentive and anxious to comment or evaluate without hearing out the speaker.
  10. The receiver of the message is not given sufficient time to adapt himself or herself  to the demands of the message;
  11. They have not the same understanding of the situation or subject being discussed.

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