6 Major Barriers to Informal Organization

Although informal organization systems may lead to several benefits, they also bring a number of problems or barriers to both employers and employees. They create some barriers which make the systems ineffective. Those are:

Barriers to informal organization

1. Informal organization is resistant to change: Informal organization may be change anytime. Free from all rules and regulations, it takes any decision or changes the decision anytime. So it is difficult to work sometimes in an informal organization.

2. In informal organization conformity may not support: One of the barriers of the informal organization is conformity may not support. Conformity is an important issue for an organization.

Barriers to informal organization
Barriers to informal organization

3. Leads to interpersonal and inter-group conflicts: Being and in a formal environment, it leads to creating interpersonal and inter-group conflicts. Sometimes it hinders the work of the organization.

4. Wakens motivation and satisfaction: Motivation is a major factor to influences workers to do work and achieving the organizational goals. But informal organization has poor motivation level. It has also weakened satisfaction level. People are not satisfied in working in informal organization.

5. Sometimes it becomes difficult for managers to control the operation: Workers are free from many formal rules in the informal organization. They are not always abided by the order of managers. It has also weakened the satisfaction levels. People are not satisfied with working in informal organizations.

6. Informal organization encourages negative attitudes: Not all workers are good human being. Informal organization develops role conflict within in an organization. Different role plays a different importance for an organization. Everyone try to establish his role in the organization. For this role conflict increased in an informal organization.

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