Various Types of Business Circular Letter Sample and Format

The business circulars are meant for providing information about any change taking place in a particular commercial establishment. The general public can be informed through different media (T.V. Radio, Newspaper, etc).

But the clients or customers have to be informed individually. Thus, the circular contains information that the customer would be glad to know.

Like other letters business circulars also should be effective and friendly in tone having a proper layout.

Circulars can be sent on several occasions:

  1. Expansion of business
  2. Introducing a new product
  3. Opening a new branch
  4. Repairs
  5. Change of business dimension

Circular Announcing opening of New Business:

  • Provide information regarding the type of new business, inauguration date, and place.
  • Elaborate on the importance of business.
  • Announcement of discount as a special attraction at the time of inauguration.
  • Mention new promises.
  • Extend Invitation.

Circular letter sample for the announcement of a new business

Dear Sir,

We take pleasure in announcing the opening of a departmental store at Dhanmondi plaza (shop no. 617). We have taken on the initiative to provide a 5% discount sale on an inaugural day. The opening ceremony of the store will take place in the morning at 10.00 O, clocks on 4th September 2021. You are cordially invited.

Yours faithfully

Circular letter sample for change of address

Dear Sir,

We take great pleasure in informing you that we have shifted to larger premises at Motijil from 1st August 2021. The shift is due to the fact that the site is in the heart of the city and the transport system is quite good. We are sure to serve you better from this place.

Yours faithfully

Iqbal Hasan

Business circular letter sample and format

Circular letter sample for opening a new branch

Dear Sir,

We take great pleasure to announce that on 1st January 2021. We are opening a new branch of ready-made garments at 15 Purana Palton, Dhaka. The new branch is just the expression of the customer’s faith in our products. Mr. Sunil Kumar our manager for the last 20 years will be in charge of the new branch.

We welcome your visit to our new branch.

With thanks
Yours faithfully

Shihab Ahamed

Other letter samples:

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