Complaint Letter Sample / Format / Template / Example

Letters of complaints can be of two types 1st one is Personal and the second is Social. If you bought a product from the market which turns out to a defective a complaint concerning it would be personal. Here we provide all types of complaint letter sample.

On the other hand, if a complaint is guided by the municipal authorities concerning the general sewerage system, it would be social. Whatever be the nature of the complaint. The main purpose of the complaint is to seek a remedy.

For this purpose, the letter should be very clear.

A letter of complaint can be divided into 4 parts-

  1. At the very beginning mention the specific complaints.
  2. The second part suggests some ways of remedies.
  3. In the third part, make a request for carrying out the remedial measures.
  4. In the end, express thanks/gratitude.

Some complaint letter sample

  1. Complaint letter for over-billing of power/phone
  2. Complaint letter for lost luggage to the railway
  3. Complaint Letter sample on education matters
  4. A complaint letter to Headmaster
  5. Complaint letter from teacher to parents regarding student’s progress
  6. Complaint letter against doctor to state licensing board
  7. Complaint letter for increasing real estate taxes
  8. Complaint letter sample for poor service at the store

Other letter samples:

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