6 Effective Way of Rumor Control in Organization

Since rumor is mostly and usually incorrect and may harm the organization just like the outbreak of an epidemic may endanger the life of the people of the area.

So, it should be dealt with firmly and consistently rather than try to blame the whole grapevine. The following steps may be an effective way of rumor control in an organization:

Way of rumor control in an organization

1. Understand and analyze the causes

The very first step in dealing with rumor is to understand and analyze the causes before it starts. Getting at causes is wise use of the preventive approach, instead of a tardy curative approach.

When people feel reasonably secure, understand things that matter to them and feel on the team, there are few rumors because there is very little ambiguity is the situation.

But when people are maladjusted or wrongly informal about their environment, they are likely to become, rumor-mongers. So, prevention is better that cure.

2. Don’t waste time

If still rumor does start, the management should analyze the situation and if it seems harmless, then it should not waste organization time in combating it because it will soon die out automatically.

But, if it is really serious enough to damage effectiveness or reputation, the management should try to stop it.

3. Attack immediately

Releasing facts may-be the neat step to stop or weaken rumor so that truth may prevail over the rumor. Sirius rumors should be attached immediately either any further delay otherwise people will distort the further happenings to confirm to the rumor.

way of rumor control in organization

4. Face to face supply of facts

Usually, a face to face supply facts is the most effective step because it helps removing ambiguity in each individual’s mind by giving proper answer to that ambiguity.

The facts should be supplied directly without first mentioning the rumor. The communication of facts is more effective if its comes from sources that are supposed to have true facts.

A dependable informal leader may be contacted. Facts may be shared with him as soon as possible and he will help management stop the rumor. Though face to face communication is most effective, but it should later be confirmed in writhing.

5. Union’s cooperation

Unions may also be asked to help the management in combating rumor. Although union does not control the grapevine, yet it has influence over the group. Labor management conflicts may increase the intercity of the problem.

Any reduction in conflict may reduce rumors. If union steward cooperation is gained, it will help management combating rumor provided the steward is strong informal leader.

6. Listened to carefully

Regardless of the importance of rumor, it should be listened to carefully. Though it is based on untrue information yet it carries the feelings of the individuals and the group.

The management, in its way may come to know where ambiguities are and what the interests of employees are. So that he may understand the reason of it’s originating. It helps management in settling the disputes amicably.

Thus, the above steps may certainly help the management in combating or controlling the rumors.

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