Decline a Job Offer Letter Sample

Although you have successfully passed the interview process, your reference checked out fine, and finally you are offered the job, you still have a choice to accept or refuse the offer, in either case; you should put down your choice to the organization.

A job offer may be refused for any reason. As for example for a better job offer or the proposed job offer is not suitable for you. Whatever the reason respond to the job offer with a tactful and amicable letter of refusal.

Sometimes maintain good communication and wish to reply to the organization. For a refusal letter, express appreciation for the offer and give reasons for turning the offer down. 

Decline a job offer letter sample

Dear Sir,

I appreciate the offer of an assistant administrative officer at BRAC, The opportunity, benefit, salary, and other facilities are the best I have seen anywhere.

However, your organization will not provide any transportation and my residence is far from the working place. So, it is very difficult for me to join this job. After careful thought, I have decided to join ADAB at Lalmatia, which is much closer to my residence.

Thanks for your job offer


Decline a Job Offer Letter Sample
Decline a Job Offer Letter Sample

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