Definition of Productivity

In one word definition of productivity is output per hour. But this is far too simple Productivity comes in various forms. For example, some defined as the change in unit labor costs or how much each item costs to produce.

Others suggest that is the value of production overpaid hours. This ratio determines profitability as well as productivity. Whichever Productivity is defined; it is used to determent whether the firm has been successful.

Definition of Productivity
Definition of Productivity

Defining productivity in a service organization is not easy. While output per how could be measured by the number of customers serviced, other factors come into play.

Two of the recurring factors are quality and service in the practice of most goad organizations is to provide the fastest, most efficient, and friendliest service possible to any and all customers.

In terms of Productivity, this may mean that minimizing errors or eliminating stress. In any case, the idea is to make the service industry more productive by having a better-serviced customers.

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