Definition of Recruitment and Selection by Various Authors

Human resource is the most important asset of a company. So the success and failure of a company depend much on the recruitment and selection of suitable human resources.

The definition of recruitment and selection is given according to various authors.

Definition of Recruitment

Before the establishment of modern human resources management, the owner of the organization followed the rules of “hiring and firing,” but with the development of modern human resource management, the workers become conscious of their own interests.

At present, the company must follow some rules and regulations in the selection of workers. Now we will discuss two definitions of recruitment.

DeCenzo and Robbins: “Recruitment is the process of discovering potential candidates for actual or anticipated organizational vacancies. Or from another perspective, it is a linking activity—bringing together those with jobs to fill and those seeking jobs.”

Plumbley: “Recruitment is a matching process and the capacities and inclinations of the candidates have to be matched against the demand and rewards inherent in a given job or career pattern.”

Definition of recruitment
Definition of Recruitment

Definition of Selection

Selection is the second stage of the recruitment and selection process. It may be defined as the process of choosing the best one among a number of candidates.

There is always an element of prediction in the selection, making an informed estimate as to which of the various applicants is most suitable for the job being filled.

Definition of selection
Definition of Selection

Each of the steps is virtually a screen, designed to eliminate unsuitable candidates and has to be so designed as to bring out further information about the candidates. A number of authors have defined selection as follows:

Dale Yoder has defined, “Selection is the process by which candidates for employment are divided into two classes those who will be offered employment and those who will not”;

M. Ataur Rahman, “Selection is the screening and filtering process of job applicants who have been invited to apply for the vacant positions through which the process comes to an end”.

M.J. Jucious has defined, “The selection procedure is the system of functions and devices adopted in a given company for the purpose of ascertaining whether or not candidate possess the qualifications called for by, a specific job”.

Heinz Weihrich and Harold Koontz have defined, “Selection is the process of choosing form the candidates, from within the organization or from outside, the most suitable person for the current position or for the future positions”

Decenzo & Robbins: Selection activities follow a standard pattern, beginning with an initial screening interview and concluding with final employment decision.

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