Whats are the disqualification of a counselor

As there are some good qualities of the counselor, there are also some disqualification of a counselor. These should be avoided.

Also a counselor should be aware of these disqualifications. These disqualifications are discussed below:

Disqualification of a counselor

  1. Narrow outlook: If a counselor have a narrow requirement for good counselor. And to fail this requirement is his or her disqualification.
  2. Less informative: Informative is another requirement for good counselor. And to fail this requirement is his or her disqualification.
  3. Less skilled: Skilled enough is requirement for good counselor. And it is obviously a disqualification if it turns into negative.
  4. Lack of confidence: A counselor must have confidence. So he should not be unconfident about anything.
  5. Inexperienced: Experience is a very big requirement for good counseling. But inexperience is totally a disqualification and it must be avoided.
  6. Illogical thinking: A good counselor must be logical. But illogical thinking person cannot be a good counselor.
  7. Not so trained up person: Not so trained up person is another disqualify for the counselor.
  8. Negative attitude towards the employee: The person who have negative attitude towards the employee cannot be a good counselor. It is also a disqualification.
  9. Partial: Practicality among the clients or persons is another disqualification for the counselor.
  10. No problem solving attitude: The counselor who has not an attitude of solving the problem cannot be a good counselor.


    Disqualification of a Counselor

  11. Inability to take quick decision: The person who has not the ability to take quick decision cannot be a good counselor. It is also a disqualification.
  12. Less educated: Less education is another disqualification. It turns many good qualities away also.
  13. Inactive: A person who is inactive in counseling cannot be a good counselor. It is also disqualification.
  14. No power to handle the situation: A disqualified counselor also has the disqualification that is he or she has no power to handle the situation.
  15. High temper person: The person, who cannot control his temper, cannot be a good counselor. So a counselor must have to control his temper.
  16. No commitment to the duty: This type of irresponsible people is highly suggested not to counsel by anyone. Because they cannot make up their commitment and it can be hampers to the client.
  17. Inefficiency: Another disqualification is inefficiency: The person who has not efficiency in counseling, he should not enter to counsel anyone.
  18. Lack of clarity of thinking: Another disqualification is lack of clarity of thinking. It is also affected to counsel employee.
  19. Lack of patience: The person who no patience cannot be a counselor. It is another big disqualification for counselor.
  20. Lack of motivation power: Motivation is the main work which a counselor has to apply to the client. If the counselor has not eh power to motivate someone then should not be a counselor.

So these are some disqualifications. An organizational counselor has to aware that he or she should not adopt these disqualifies. Infect, also have to inspire others to not adopting those.

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