Factors Determining the Efficiency of SHRM

Some factors determine whether SHRM is efficient or not. These factors determining the efficiency of SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) are as follows:

Factors determining the efficiency of SHRM

1. Total labor productivity: The efficiency of SHRM (Strategic Human Resource Management) in Bangladesh, is largely affected by the productivity of laborers.

We all know that efficiency is the ratio between the input and output which means the higher the output the higher the efficiency. And by the term productivity means if the productivity is higher then we may say that he or she is more efficient.

2. Presence of efficient employees: In the context of Bangladesh, the presence of efficient employees is the most important factor in strategic human resource management. In each and every organization, efficient employees are valuable wealth and assets.

3. Nature of labor-management relations: The nature of LMR (Labor-Management Relations) affects the efficiency of SHRM in Bangladesh.

A bad relationship has a negative impact because productivity depends on a good relationship with both labor and management.

Recently, in Bangladesh, efficiency reduces in ready-made garments sectors (RMG). The only reason is the bad relationship between labor and management.

Factors Determining the Efficiency of SHRM
Factors Determining the Efficiency of SHRM

4. The volume of training: Training is a very essential part of any organization. Training is a great factor in affecting the efficiency of SHRM  in Bangladesh. Training is necessary for strategic work.

5. Utilization of human resources: Human resources are a vital component determining the efficiency of SHRM in Bangladesh. If all employees are properly used, it means SHRM is efficient. Otherwise, we cannot find its efficiency.

6. Frequency of labor turnover: Frequent inflow and outflow of employees hamper the efficiency of all levels of employees. If there is less turnover rate, management can also give attention to efficiency development.

7. The effort for employee service: An organization is very much needy for the employees’ great effort. Employee effort can earn a greater income for the organization.

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