Factors to be Considered for Factory Layout Planning

Factory layout planning is very important to save costs, save time in movement, reduce accidents, and the like. But the layout is done in a planned way.

Some factors are to be considered for the purpose. When choosing the layout for a factory, the following factors to be considered for factory layout planning:

Factory layout planning

1. Factory Building

Ideally, a building should be built to suit the best factory layout. But in practice, the layout might have to be modified to fit a given building.

The covered area, the number of stories, elevators and stairs, parking, and storage area all affect the layout. The plant site should also be considered in choosing the layout for a factory.

2. The volume of Production

Normally high-volume manufacturing requires product layout and low-volume job production needs process layout.

3. Materials Handling

The pattern of layout depends to a great extent on the nature of materials and the materials handling plan. It is necessary to provide adequate space for storage and adequate space for the free movement of materials.

4. Type of Equipment

Specifications of machinery and equipment are a prime consideration in factory layout. General-purpose machines reed a different layout than specialized machines.

Adequate space must but provided for the location and movement of all machines and equipment.

Factors to be considered for factory layout planning

5. Lighting and Ventilation

In laying out a factory adequate provision must be made for lighting ventilation and heating, These are essential for the health…comfort and of workers.

6. Service Facilities

The layout of a factory must include proper service facilities required for the comfort and welfare of workers. These include canteen, lockers, drinking water, toilets, first aid, fire escapes, etc.

7. Nature of Product

The type of product to be manufactured affects plant layout in several ways. Small and light products can be moved easily to the machines whereas heavy equipment requires assembly bays.

One or a few standardized products can better be produced through product layout while process layout is more useful for producing a large variety of non-standardized products.

The quality and fragility of the product also influence the layout.

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