Follow Up Letter After Thank You Letter Sample

If anyone sends you a thank you letter, it seems gentle to send a reply to it. Suppose, a shop holder sends you a thank you letter for your loyalty and dignity. It is a courtesy to reply to the letter. Most often, we get some exciting offers from our acquainted shop.

A sample follow-up letter after thanking your letter is not so simple to write. You have to write this kind of letter to the proper standard. By this letter, you can convey that, you are really very pleased with their service.

You may also add that you feel the honor to receive this kind of letter. You feel very grateful to have this kind of helpful service. Hope that this sample letter will help to write a proper follow-up letter after a thank you letter from a shop.

Follow up letter after thank you letter

Date: November 19, 2022

Dear (Receiver’s Name),

I feel very honored when I found your letter. It was a great pleasure to meet with you. I am very happy with your outstanding products. It is a matter of joy that I am one of the valued customers who got a special offer from you.

So, your offer of buying 5000 Tk grocery products and getting 5000 Tk products free is amazing. I am very excited about shopping in your shop. All of your offers are really amazing. When I go to your shop, I feel warm. Thanks for the nice environment, I am really very pleased with your shop and staff.

Your staffs are also very gentle and polite. They are such nice guys. There is a proverb that “Customer satisfaction is the first priority for a businessman”. You are obeying each and every word of this proverb and you never compromise it under any circumstances. I feel very grateful to have this kind of helpful service. I really hope that you may earn a huge profit from your shop. With best regards.

(Your Name)

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