Gestalt Approach to Team Building Developed by Frederick s. Fritz

An approach to team building has been developed by Standby M. Herman. He is a management and organization development (OD) consultant. Later, the approach rests on the form of psychotherapy. The concept of psychotherapy was developed by Frederick s. Fritz. It is also lastly called the gestalt approach. The elements of this gestalt approach to team building are as follow:

Gestalt approach to team building

1. This approach is based on the belief that persons function as a whole, total organism.

2. Each person of the team possesses positive and negative character ties that must be owned up to and permitted expression.

3. People get into trouble when they get the fragment, do not accept their selves, and are trying to live up to the demands of others rather than being themselves.

4. These goals of this approach are to create awareness, integration, maturating, authenticity, and behavior change.

5. One must come to terms come to terms with oneself.

6. One must accept responsibility for one’s actions.

7. One must experience and live in the here and now.

8. One must stop blocking off awareness, authenticity and like by dysfunctional behavior.

9. The team members must be able to express their feelings fully, both positive and negative.

10. They must “get in touch with where they are” on issues, relations with others and with selves.

11. Team members must learn to stay with transactions with others and work them through to resolution rather than suppressing negative feelings.

12. Team members must learn to accept the polarities within themselves weakness-strength, autocratic-democratic and so forth.

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