How can communication make more effective

As we said before communication is the lifeblood of any organization so, we should make the communication process easier. Here are some most important topics for how can communication make more effective.

How can communication make more effective?

By following the given below aspects you might know how can communication make more effective:

  1. Communication audit system: We can introduce a communication audit system for examining communication policies, networks (task-related network, innovative network, integrative, network, instructive network) and activities.
  2. The objective of communication should be clear: The sender must clarify in his/her mind what he/she wants to communicate. This means that the sender has to clarify the purpose of the message and make a plan to achieve the intended
  3. Encoding and decoding of symbols: Encoding and decoding be done with symbols that are familiar to the sender and receiver of the message.
  4. Communication planning consultation: The planning of communication should be done in consultation with the concerned people.
  5. Live communication channel: The channel of communication should be kept open and alive. It is only by honest attempts that good communication relations can be developed.
  6. Influence of the message: The tone of voice, the choice of language, and the convergence between what is said and how it is said to influence the reactions of the receiver of the message.
  7. The necessity of information: Needs of the receivers of the information have to be considered. Whenever appropriate, one should communicate something that is of value to them.
  8. Should be understandable: Communication is complete only when the message is understood by the receiver. This can be ensured when the sender gets feedback. To this end, the sender may request the receiver to give his reactions to the message.

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