How to Start a Job Search to Find Your Dream Job

Where do you begin your search process? It depends on what stage in your career you find yourself. Beginners may discover the most leads from school placement offices; while more experienced workers may get recommendations from friends in the field. Let’s discuss some ideas about how to start a job search.

Tips for how to start a job search

The following are some of the more fruitful resources to help you find the best position.

Job search through the website

Now a day website is the most common and dependable way for job search. There is a large number of websites on the internet that only provide the job circular.

On that site, you can search for a job by category-wise, company wise, and many more. You may also find a category of government jobs.

Most of the sites have a facility of giving a resume. So, once you submit your resume you should not be required to provide your curriculum vita for every application.

School placement office

If your school has a good reputation for providing occupational training and support of graduates, you may have a wide range of job leads to pursue.

Your teachers may be able to give you additional leads or put you in contact with people working in your chosen field.

Classified and company ads

Employers advertise openings in newspapers and journals to attract qualified candidates. These ads may request a letter of application and your resume or a phone call to set up an interview.

If you have experience in your field you may want to confine your search to professional publications or company newsletters that advertise job openings.

Many manufacturing and light industry firms also have job billboards outside their plants advertising an opening for skilled and unskilled works.

Employment agencies

State and private employment agencies also help to match up job candidates with openings. State agencies are free of charge.

Private employment agencies charge either the applicant or the employer for successfully matching a candidate with a job some companies prefer to work through employment agencies because the agency’s prescreening process ensures that only qualified candidates will be referred for interviews.

how to start a job search

The application can sure that only jobs matching their qualifications and backgrounds will be recommended.

Professional groups and associations

Although the first three job sources work in many cases, they are part of the numbers game,” in which you comb through a list of opportunities and eliminate the unsuitable ones.

As you gain experience in your field, however, you will build a network of contacts that can help you locate new positions.

Joining a professional group or association in your field is one way you can move up the professional ladder.

Personal referrals and recommendations

This method is by far the most successful in location new jobs. When you let people know you are searching, you activate your job network.

Others will pass on information about job openings. Because they know you they tend to opt to recommend only those jobs that are suited to your personal qualifications and needs.

Civil service and institutional offices

Job opening in civil service at the federal, state county, and city levels are also excellent employment opportunities. Various levels of government regularly published notices of positions available.

If you are intreated in such a career contact your local government employment office for information about applications and civil service exams.

In addition hospitals, colleges, universities, churches, volunteers, associations, civic groups, and other institutions have business offices that employ messengers, maintenance people warehouse and shipping workers, mailroom and office clerk’s typists, secretaries, managers, and others.

If you would like to works outside the traditional business field you might consider one of these institutions.

Individual companies

Many companies do not actively recruit candidates through classified ads or employment agencies.

Applicants can apply directly to the human resources (personnel) office of the company and inquire about job openings.

Even if there is no immediate job opportunity your application or resume can be placed on file for future reference.

In larger companies, the turnover rate is sometimes high and the personnel office is constantly recruiting and hiring new employees.

If you contact these firms directly you may find your call coinciding with an opening in the company.

At ten least you have contacted the firm and made your qualifications and interest known.

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