5 Essential Importance of Comparative Management

Every one should know about importance of comparative management to understand comparative management better so, we discuss here about importance of comparative management.

Understanding management in an international context is desirable for a number of reasons:

Importance of comparative management

  1. As increasing number of managers go abroad for overseas assignments, they are faced with the problems of motivating and communicating with the foreign workforce. Understanding and being responsive to local conditions help mangers to achieve personal and organizational goals.
  2. Getting to know how managers in foreign countries perform their tasks expedites continued trade and co-operation.
  3. Observing how different cultures solve similar problems provides the multinational with innovative problem solving techniques, which lead to improved management.
  4. The ability to see worthwhile differences and to observe how to act in varying situations is made available.
  5. Awareness of potential conflict between the multinational company and the host country makes for a mutually beneficial relationship. For example, the multinational might have a higher percentage of national for managerial positions or permit more local autonomy as a way of smoothing labour relations.


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