Importance of Social System for Organization

The social system has great importance in our day to life as well as for organization, society, or even in an office. Some importance of the social system for organization are discussed below:

Importance of Social System

1. Organizational Strength: The strength of any organization increases through the social system. Employees are in contract for various purpose and thus the connectivity is developed with each another.

2. Lessening Complexity of Human Relationships: Social system decreases the complexity of human relationships. People come closer to each other and they get a clearer idea. As a result, they face less complexity.

3. Maintaining Management Process: Social system helps in maintaining a smooth process of management. Because a human being only the main part of the management. So if they become well-connected with each-another, then the management will get the favor of it.

4. Congenial Atmosphere: Social system helps to develop a congenial atmosphere because in a system people are working where very few problems are aroused.

5. Discipline: A social system is developed by many years through which it also develops many years through regulations. These people can know the discipline and make it applicable.

6. Goal Orientation: In an organization or in a system there are some goals where everyone is working to achieve it. An established social system makes engaged people goal-oriented.

7. Anticipation: People can anticipate by observing changes in the environment. The social system can help in this regard. For directing any organization on the right track anticipation capability needs to be devolved.

8. Adaptability: Member of the organization needs to increase adaptability in a changing and multidimensional environment. The social system helps in increasing this power. So the member can easily be adapted.

Importance of Social System

9. Labor Management Relation: A good social system facilitates maintaining good labor-management relations among the employee.

10. Participation: When in an organization a good social system exists employees are interested and make proper participation in all activities.

11. Attitude: When employees exist in a good social system their attitude becomes positive which is very much required by an organization.

12. Job Satisfaction: When in an organization a good social system exists everything is doing smoothly job satisfaction may increase.

13. Team Spirit: Where people work in a well-established system then they are satisfied and their team spirit will increase.

14. Utilization of Technologies: When people are satisfied with their job and the system is well-established utilization of technologies is enhanced.

15. Organizational Peace: Where people work under a good social system organizational Peace is ensured.

16. Good behavior pattern: By working in a good social system employee behavior patterns become good.

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