10 Important Considerations of Participation

Some of the important considerations of participation should be kept in mind which are as follows:-

Considerations of participation

1. Unwillingness of management: Management of some private organization practice participation. But management of must organization is reluctant to do this. For this kind of attitude of management many private organization faces many problems.

2. Employee’s Eagerness: Employees feel a great attraction for participation. They consider themselves as a part of the organization. So they want to share their opinion.

3. Formal Environment: Organization has some rules and regulations. All must abide by these rules. In participation program the environment is more or less formal.

4. Influence of top management: Management has a great influence on participation. So employees cannot freely share their thinking. In most of the cases management just listen to the employee’s speech, but make decision themselves.

5. Ambiguous Objectives: Private organization faces problem to identify the appropriate objective of participation. As a result, participants cannot participate successfully. It creates dis-satisfactions among participants.

Considerations of Participation
Considerations of Participation

6. Employee’s decisions are acceptedGenerally management makes the decisions. Though it is rare but in some cases management accepts employee’s decision. Employee feels proud when his opinion is accepted. It encourages them to implement the decision.

7. Part of Policy Only: Most company has their policies. In many company participation is a part of policy only. And other companies really practice it.

8. Reward System: Reward for participation is a new thing for most of the company in our country. But some organizations practice reward systems in participation programs. They reward for the best decision.

9. Number of Participants: There is no hard and fast rule about the optimum number of participants. Generally in a structured organization number of participants is less than that of an unstructured organization. Large participants lengthen the decision process.

10. Active participation: Now-a-days many organizations encourage active participation of the employees. When there is a reward system and no that from management, active participation is ensured. Organization can be benefited in many ways through the active participation.

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