Introduction to Communication

Communication is the most precious thing we are motionless without it. Let’s know the introduction to communication from where it began in human life.

Introduction to Communication

Communication is perhaps as old as human civilization. Its origin can be traced to the growth of human society. In the primitive state of human society, man satisfied his wants, which were limited to the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter by his own efforts. Life was isolated and there was little communication. But grade all the human wants continued to increase forms of communication.

Introduction to Communication
Introduction to Communication

But gradually the human wants continued to increase and forms of communication also developed. With the growth of size and complexities in business, trade, and industry, forms of expressing ideas in languages developed.

In the contemporary world of large scale production, involving a huge number of the worker, communication is considered as one of the most important facilitators of industrial, commercial, and managerial activities. Without communication facts, ideas and experiences cannot be exchanged.

A manager conveys ideas and information from his/her mind to other minds. The effectiveness of this transition of what the manager knows thinks and feels determines and conditions managerial accomplishments.

In every walk of life, the more presence of another person encourages combustion. It is a universal human propensity and as someone states, you cannot communicate unless there is someone else to receive.

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