List of Leasing Companies and Financial Institutions and in Bangladesh

A complete list of leasing Companies in Bangladesh is given below.

List of Leasing Companies in Bangladesh

  1. Infrastructure Development Co. Ltd.
  2. Phoenix Leasing Co. Ltd.
  3. Union Capital Ltd.
  4. Prime Finance & Investment Ltd.
  5. Bay Leasing & Investment Ltd.
  6. People’s Leasing & Financial Services Ltd.
  7. National Housing Finance & Investment Ltd.
  8. MIDAS Financing Ltd.
  9. First Lease international Ltd.
  10. Bangladesh Finance & Investment Ltd.
  11. Saudi-Bangladesh Industrial and Agricultural Investment Co. Ltd.
  12. The UAE-Bangladesh Development Co. Ltd.
  13. United Leasing Co. Ltd.
  14. Industrial Development Leasing Co. Ltd.
  15. United Leasing Co. Ltd.
  16. Industrial Development Leasing Co. of Bangladesh.
  17. Uttara Finance & Investment Ltd.
  18. International Leasing & Investment Ltd.
  19. IGSP Finance Co. (Bangladesh) Ltd.
  20. Bahrain Bangladesh Finance & Investment Co. Ltd.
  21. Delta BRAC Housing Finance Corporation Ltd.
  22. Vanik Bangladesh Ltd.
  23. Bangladesh Industrial Finance Co. Ltd.
  24. Industrial promotion and Development Co. of Bangladesh (IPDC)
List of Leasing Companies in Bangladesh
List of Leasing Companies in Bangladesh

 List of Financial Institutions in Bangladesh

  1. Investment Corporation of Bangladesh
  2. House Building Finance Corporation
  3. Sadharan Bima Corporation
  4. Jiban Bima Corporation
  5. Dhaka Stock Exchange
  6. Chittagong Stock Exchange
List of Financial Institutions in Bangladesh
List of Financial Institutions in Bangladesh

Concept of Leasing

Leasing may be a monetary instrument within which the property of the hired plus remains with the leasing company whereas the leaseholder obtains the proper to use the plus by paying lease rentals for the lifetime of the leasing contract. At the maturity of the leasing contract, the possession of the hired plus is transferred to the leaseholder at a symbolic price.

The area unit many sorts of leasing, However, mostly, all match one in every of 2 categories:

  1. Direct lease: You establish the plus (and talk terms the price) and prepare for the leasing company to shop for it from the manufacturer (if new) or the previous owner (if used) to lease it to you.
  2. In each case, the proprietor owns the plus, not you, and leases it to you. Like the other lease agreement, you come the plus at the tip of the lease to the proprietor. Some leases grant you associate degree end-of-lease choice to renew the lease at least price (subsequent period) or to realize the title of the instrumentation for associate degree united quantity.

Often instrumentation makers themselves act as lessons or have associate degree connected leasing companies. This permits them to additional directly facilitate their customer’s financial transactions. The different two teams of lessor area unit banks and freelance leasing firms.

Types of plus finance

Finance leasing (full payout lease) – you effectively acquire all commercial advantages and risks while not the feat legal title. The leasing rate is computed to gather the entire worth of the plus (plus finance charges) throughout the contract amount. At the tip of the lease, the plus is sold-out to a 3rd party, and you’ll receive a share of the sale takings (if the lease isn’t being extended).

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