9 Management Guidelines for Strategic Human Resource Management

Effective strategic human resource management should follow some guidelines. These guidelines can help management establish and maintain a successful SHRM.

However, these management guidelines for strategic human resource management are discussed below:

Management Guidelines for strategic human resource management

1. Determine Corporate Strategy: Corporate strategy should be determined first and then human resource strategy should be developed. The human resource – that is the strategy developed should be consistent with the corporate strategy.

2. Integrate with Other Strategy: Human resource strategy should be consistent with other functional strategies such as finance, marketing, and engineering.

3. Flexible and Ready: It is necessary that strategy formulation should ready and flexible.

4. Involve with strategy Formulation: Human resource managers, particularly those at the top of the organization, should be involved in the strategy formulation process.

Management Guidelines for Strategic Human Resource Management

5. Consider AH Employees: Human resource strategy should consider all human resources in an organization, not just hourly or operative employees.

6. Consider the outside Environment: The outside environment and competition should be explicitly considered in formulating both overall organization and human resource strategies.

7. Sense about Environment: The better and more accurately the manager makes sense of the organization’s internal and external environment, for a better decision.

8. Project Consequences: Human resources should project both intended and unintended consequences of decisions as they might affect human resources.

9. Match with Strategy and Labor Market: Competition and labor market dynamics have an impact on the success of strategic human resource decisions: Human resource managers should develop a realistic match between corporate strategies and economies of the labor market.

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