What is the Meaning of Organizational Power?

In social terms, the meaning of organizational power is power involves the rule by the few over the majority and we have to understand the political processes (both Structural and Interpersonal) whereby power is legitimated (the process whereby power ceases to be nakedly coercive and becomes the power that is based upon authority.

By power is meant the ability of individuals or groups to make their own concerns or interests count, even where others resist.

Meaning of organizational power

German sociologist, Max Weber defined power as “The probability that one actor within a social relationship will be in a position to carry out his own will despite resistance.”

Salacik & Pfeffer: Power is the ability of those who posses power to bring about and the outcomes they desire.

Mintzberg: Power is the capacity to effect or affect organizational outcomes.

R.A. Dahl: A has power over B to the extern that he can get be to do something that B would otherwise not do.

V.V. Mc Murray: Power is the ability of influencing others and to resist unwanted influence in return.

Emerson: Defined power as “The power of actor A over actor B is the amount of resistance of the part of B which can be potentially overcome by A.” 

Meaning of Organizational Power
Meaning of Organizational Power

So we can say that power is-

  • Making things happen on their own (who holds power) way.
  • Get something done by others or prohibit others which someone wants to do or do not want to do.
  • The probability of imposing one’s will on the behavior of others. The essence of power is to control the behavior of others.
  • This involves one person changing the behavior of one or more other individuals particularly if that behavior would not have taken place otherwise.
  • The ability of one person or group to cause another person or group to do something that they otherwise might not have done.

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