Purposes / Objectives of the Model

Every model has some purposes/objectives. These purposes/objectives of the model discussed in the following paragraphs:

Objectives of the model

1. To provide an overview of the system: The model gives an overview of the total system of the organization.

2. To explain the whole system symbolically: In a model sometimes some symbols are used. By consulting these symbols reader or observer can explain in his own way the elements of the system

3. To identify the location of the components: With a view of identifying the location of the components, it carries some importance.

4. To explain the significance of the elements: The location of the components can signify the importance of that particular component of the model. For knowing the significance model may be consulted.

Objectives of the Model

5. To interpret the whole theme of the system: With the intention of interpreting the theme of the model, it carries importance. Otherwise, the reader would have to go into details about the system.

6. To save the time of a reader or researcher: Time is a prominent consideration for both the reader and researcher. The model can help both of them to save their valuable time.

7. To give idea about anything in a framework: With the help of a model anybody interested to know the system and may have an idea. That can help him to take a preliminary decision to proceed further.

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