Online Chat and Text Message abbreviations

Today is the era of online chat and text message. Actually, we are habituated to these things. There is a huge number of abbreviations and acronyms used in online chat and text messaging. Here we provide a list of online chat abbreviations and text message abbreviations.

Online chat abbreviations (Sign and digit)

::POOF:: Goodbye (leaving the room) 2MI Too much information
? I have a question 2MORO Tomorrow
?RUD What are you doing? 2NITE Tonight
[$X$] No spam !! 2U2 To you too
\M/ Heavy metal music 4 For
<3 Heart 404 I don’t know
<chuckle> The speaker chuckles 411 Information
<frown> The speaker is frowning 420 Marijuana
<g> Grin 420 Got weed?
<grin> The speaker is grinning 420 Let’s get high
<smile> The one writing the message is smiling 4COL For crying out loud
10X Thanks 4EAE Forever and ever
1174 The meeting place, meet at 4YEO Fyeo for your eyes only
143 or 459 I love you 53X Sex
2DAY Today 8 ‘-Ate’ or ‘-eat’
2F4U Too fast for you 9 Parent watching
2G2BT Too good to be true 99 Parent gone
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (A)

A&F Always and forever AOB   Any other business
A.I.M.  –  Aol instant messenger AOC   Age of consent
A/L Age and location AOE   Age of empires
A/M  –   Away message A-OLS Administrators on-line
A/S/L Age/sex/location AON   All or nothing
A/S/L/P Age/sex/location/picture AOTA All of the above
A/S/L/R Age, sex, location, race AOTO   Amen on that one
A1T Anyone there AOYS   Angel on your shoulder
A3 Anyplace, anywhere, anytime API   Application program interface
AABF As a best friend APOC   Apocalypse
AAF As a friend APOD   Another point of discussion
AAK Asleep at keyboard APP   Application
AAMOF As a matter of fact APPT   Appointment
AAMOI As a matter of interest APRECE8   Appreciate
AAP Always a pleasure APU   As per usual
AAR At any rate AQAP   As quick as possible
AAR8 At any rate AR   Are
AAS Alive and smiling ARE Acronym-rich environment
AATF Always and totally forever ARND   Around
AATW All around the world ARSED   Bothered
AAYF Always your friend ARVO   Afternoon
ABD Already been done AS Another subject
ABEND Absent by enforced net deprivation ASAIK   As soon as I know
ABREEV Abbreviation ASAP As soon as possible
ABSNT Absent ASAYGT As soon as you get this
ABT About ASE   Age, sex, ethnicity
ACC Anyone can come ASIC   Application specific integrated circuit
ACC Account ASL Age/sex/location
ACK Acknowledgment ASLA Age, sex, location, availability
ADAD Another day, another dollar ASLO   Age sex location orientation
ADHD Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ASLOP   Age sex location orientation picture
ADL All day long ASLP   Age, sex, location, picture
ADMIN Administrator ASLR   Age sex location race
AND Any day now ASLRP  Age, sex, location, race, picture
ADR Address ASR  Age sex race
AEAP As early as possible AT At your terminal
AF  Assface ATB   All the best
AFAIAA As far as I am aware ATL   Atlanta
AFAIC As far as I’m concerned ATM At the moment
AFAICR As far as I can remember ATO   Against the odds
AFAICS As far as I can see ATOP   At time of posting
AFAICT As far as I can tell ATP   Answer the phone
AFAIK As far as I know ATQ   Answer the question
AFAIR As far as I remember ATSL Along the same line
AFAIU As far as I understand ATST   At the same time
AFC Away from computer ATTN   Attention
AFCPMGO Away from computer parents may go on ATTOTP   At the time of this post
AFG Away from game ATW   All the way
AFJ April fool’s joke ATY   According to you
AFK Away from keyboard ATYS Anything you say
AFPOE A fresh pair of eyes AUDY   Are you done yet?
AGN Again AUP   Acceptable use policy
AI   Artificial intelligence AV Antivirus
AIADW  All in a day’s work AV Audiovisual
AIAMU  And I’m a monkey’s uncle AV7X   Avenged sevenfold
AICMFP   And I claim my five pounds AVGN   Angry video game nerd
AIGHT Alright AVIE / AVTR Avatar
AIIC   As if I care AVSB   A very special boy
AIID   And if I did AWA As well as
AIIGHT  All right AWC After awhile crocodile
AIM   Aol instant messanger AWC After while, crocodile
AIN’T   Am not AWES   Awesome
AISB As it should be AWHFY Are we having fun yet?
AISI As I see it AWK   Awkward
AITE   Alright AWOL Away without leaving
AIUI   As I understand it AWSIC   And why should I care
AIWS   As I was saying AWSM   Awesome
AJAX Asynchronous javascript and XML AWTTW A word to the wise
AKA Also known as AYB   All your base
AKP   Alexander king project AYBAB2M   All your base are belong 2 me
ALAP As late as possible AYBAB2U   All your base are belong to us
ALAYTM   As long as you tell me AYBABTG   All your base are belong to google
ALCON All concerned AYBABTU  All your base are belong to us
ALOL   Actually laughing out loud AYC   Awaiting your comments
ALOT  A lot AYD   Are you done
ALOTBSOL  Always look on the bright side of life AYDY   Are you done yet
AMA   Ask me anything AYEC At your earliest convenience
AMIIC   Ask me if I care AYFR   Are you for real
AML All my love AYK   Are you kidding
AMSP   Ask me something personal AYKM   Are you kidding me
ANFAWFOS And now for a word from our sponsor AYL   Are you listening
ANFSCD And now for something completely different AYMF   Are you my friend
ANIM8   Animate AYOK   Are you okay
ANL   All night long AYOR At your own risk
ANLSX  Anal sex AYPI   And your point is
ANON   Anonymous AYS   Are you serious
ANUDA   Another AYSM   Are you shitting me?
ANW   Anyways AYST   Are you still there
ANWWI   Alright now where was i AYT   Are you there
ANY1   Anyone AYTE   Alright
ANYWAZ   Anyways AYTY   Are you there yet
AYW   As you wish
AZN   Asian

Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (B) 

B/C Because BIF Before I forget
B2K BTK Back to keyboard BIL Brother in law
B4 Before BION Believe it or not
B4N Bye for now BIOYN Blow it out your nose
BAK Back at keyboard BL Belly laughing
BAU Business as usual BLNT Better luck next time
BB Be back BLNT Better luck next time
BBFN Bye bye for now BM&Y Between me and you
BBIAB Be back in a bit BMG Be my guest
BBIAF Be back in a few BMGWL Busting my gut with laughter
BBIAM Be back in a minute BOL Best of luck
BBIAS Be back in a sec BOT Back on topic
BBL Be back later BOTEC Back-of-the-envelope calculation
BBN Bye bye now BPLM Big person little mind
BBQ Be back quickly BR Best regards
BBR Burnt beyond repair BRB Be right back
BBS Be back soon BRT Be right there
BBT Be back tomorrow BTA But then again
BC or B/C Because BTAIM Be that as it may
BCNU Be seein’ you BTDT Been there, done that
BCOS Because BTHOM Beats the hell outta me
BD Big deal BTOBD Be there or be dead
BDN Big damn number BTT Back to topic
BEG Big evil grin BTW By the way
BF Best friend BWDIK But what do I know
BF Boyfriend BWL Bursting with laughter
BFD Big frickin deal BWQ Buzz word quotient
BFF Best friends forever BYE Response to bye?
BFN Bye for now BYE? Are you ready to say goodbye?
BG Big grin BYKT But you knew that
BGWM Be gentle with me BYOB Bring your own bottle
BIBO Beer in, beer out BYOM Bring your own mac
BYTM Better you than me
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

Online chat abbreviations (C)

C&G Chuckle and Grin CRBT Crying really big tears
C&P Copy and Paste CSG Chuckle, Snicker, Grin
C/P Cross post CSL Can’t Stop Laughing
CADET Can’t Add, Doesn’t Even Try CU See You
CD9 Code 9: Parents Nearby CU2 See You, Too
CID Consider It Done CUA See you around
CID Crying In Disgrace CUL or CUL8R See You Late
CMIIW Correct Me If I’m Wrong CULA See You Later, Alligator
CMON Come on CUS See You Soon
CO Conference or Company CUZ Because
COB Close of business CWOT Complete Waste Of Time
COS Because CWYL Chat with you later
COS Change Of Subject CYA See Ya or Cover Your Ass
C-P Sleepy CYAL8R See You All Later
CPP C Plus Plus or C++ CYE Check Your E-mail
CR8 Create CYO See you online
CRB Come Right Back CYOA Cover Your Own Ass
CYS Check your Settings


Online chat abbreviations (D) 

D/L Download DM Direct message
D8 Date DNFTT Do Not Feed The Trolls
DAC Duck And Cover DOM Dirty old man
DAU Dosen’t Add Up DOS Dozing off soon
DEF Definitely DQMOT Don’t Quote Me On This
DEGT Don’t even go there DTRT Do The Right Thing
DFO Done Fell Out DTS Don’t think so
DIIK Damned If I Know DUCWIM Do You See What I Mean?
DIKU Do I know you? DV8 Deviate
DILLIGAD Do I Look Like I Give A Darnn? DW Don’t Worry
DITYID Did I tell you I’m distressed? DWB Don’t write back
DIY Do It Yourself DWBH Don’t Worry, Be Happy :O)
DK Don’t Know DWBH Don’t worry, be happy
DKDC Don’t Know, Don’t Care DWF Divorced White Female
DL Dead link DWIMC Do What I Mean, Correctly
DLTBBB Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite DWM Divorced White Male
DYFI Did You Find It?


Text message abbreviations  (E)

E2E E-business to e-business EOBD End of business day
E2E Employee to employee EOD End of discussion
E2E End to end EOD End of day
E2E Exchange to exchange EOL End of life
E2EG Ear to ear grin EOM End of message
EBKAC Error between keyboard and chair EOR End of rant
EF4T Effort EPIF Epic failure
EG or <eg> Evil grin ESTO Equipment smarter than operator
EIOE Ethanol-induced operator error ETA Estimated time of arrival
EMA E-mail address ETLA Extended three letter acronym
EMFBI Excuse me for butting in EVA Ever
EMSG E-mail message EWG Evil wicked grin
ENUF Enough EZ Easy
EZY Easy


Text message abbreviations (F) 

F2F or FTF Face to face FOFL Falling on the floor laughing
F2T Free to talk FOMC Fell off my chair
FACK Full acknowledge FOMCL Falling off my chair laughing
FAQ Frequently asked questions FRT For real though
FB Facebook FS For sale
FBM Fine by me FTASB Faster than a speeding bullet
FBOW For better or worse FTBOMH From the bottom of my heart
FC Fingers crossed FTL Faster than light
FCFS First come, first served FTL For the loss / for the lose
FCOL For crying out loud FTW For the win
FF Follow friday FUBAR Fouled up beyond all repair
FICAR Forget it, cut and run FUBB Fouled up beyond belief
FICCL Frankly I couldn’t care a less FUD Fear, uncertainty and doubt
FIMH Forever in my heart FURTB Full up ready to burst
FISH First in, still here FWB Friends with benefits
FITB Fill in the blank FWD Forward
FKA Formerly known as FWIW For what it’s worth
FLA ` Four-letter acronym FYA For your amusement
FOAF Friend of a friend FYEO For your eyes only
FYI / JFYI (Just) for your information
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (G)

G Grin or giggle GGP Gotta go pee
G/F Girlfriend GI Good idea
G1 Good one GIAR Give it a rest
G2CU Good to see you GIDK Gee I don’t know
G2G Got to go GIGO Garbage in, garbage out
G2R Got to run GIWIST Gee, I wish I said that
G9 Genius GJ Good job
GA Go ahead GL Good luck
GAC Get a clue GL/HF Good luck, have fun
GAL Get a life GLNG Good luck next game
GB Goodbye GMAB Give me a break
GBTW Get back to work GMTA Great minds think alike
GBU God bless you GNU Good, n’ you?
GD&R Grinning, ducking and running GO Get out or get off
GD&RF Grinning, ducking and running fast GOI Get over it
GD/R Grinning, ducking and running GOL Giggle out loud
GDW Grin, duck and weave GOWI Get on with it
GF Girlfriend GOYFA Get off your fat ass
GFI Go for it GR&D Grinning, running and ducking
GFN Gone for now GR8 Great
GFR Grim file reaper GT Good try
GG  Gotta go or good game GTG Got to go
GGN Gotta go now GTRM Going to read mail
GTSY Great to see you
GYPO Get your pants off


Text message abbreviations (H)

H&K Hug and kiss HHOS Ha ha only serious
H/O Hold on HHTYAY Happy holidays to you and yours
H2CUS Hope to see you soon HIG How’s it going
H4U Hot for you HNY Happy new year
H8 Hate HO Hold on
HAGD Have a great day HOAS Hold on a second
HAGN Have a good night HOYEW Hanging on your every word
HAGO Have a good one HRU How are you?
HAK Hugs and kisses HSIK How should I know
HAND Have a nice day HT Hi there
HBU How about you? HT or H/T Hat tip or heard through
HF Have fun HTH Hope this helps
HH Ha-ha HUB Head up butt
HHIS Hanging head in shame HV Have
HHOJ Ha ha only joking HYFR How you feel really?
HHOK Ha ha only kidding


Chat abbreviations (I)

IAC In any case IM Immediate message
IAE In any event IMA I might add
IANAL I am not a lawyer IMAO In my arrogant opinion
IANAL I am not a lawyer IMCO In my considered opinion
IAW I agree with or in accordance with IME In my experience
IB I’m back IMHO In my humble opinion
IBK Idiot behind keyboard IMLTHO In my less than humble opinion
IBTD I beg to differ IMN2U I’m into you
IC I see IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion
ICBW It could be worse IMO In my opinion
IDC I don’t care IMPOV In my point of view
IDGI I don’t get it IMS I am sorry
IDK I don’t know IMS In a manner of speaking
IDKTMWIM I don’t know tell me what it means INAL I’m not a lawyer
IDM It doesn’t matter INPO In no particular order
IDR I don’t remember IOH I’m outta here
IDTS I don’t think so IOHE4U I only have eyes for you
IDUNNO I don’t know IOW In other words
IG2R I got to run IPN I’m posting naked
IGP I gotta pee IRL In real life
IHA I hate acronyms IRMC I rest my case
IHU I hear you ITA I totally agree
IIRC If I remember correctly ITIGBS I think I’m going to be sick
IIWM If it were me ITT In this thread
IJWTK I just want to know IU2U It’s up to you
IJWTS I just want to say IUSS If you say so
IK I know IWALU I will always love you
IKR I know, right? IYKWIM If you know what I mean
IKWR I know what’s right IYO In your opinion
IKWUM I know what you mean IYSS If you say so
ILBL8 I’ll be late
ILU or ILY I love you


Online chat abbreviations (J)

J/K Just kidding JMO Just my opinion
J4F Just for fun JP Just playing
J4G Just for grins JSYK Just so you know
JAC Just a sec JT or J/T Just teasing
JIC Just in case JTLYK Just to let you know
JJA Just joking around JTLYK Just to let you know
JK or J/K Just kidding JW Just wondering
JLMK Just let me know


Chat abbreviations (K)

K Okay KMP Keep me posted
k/b Keyboard KNIM Know what i mean?
K8T Katie KOC Kiss on cheek
KB Keyboard KOTL Kiss on the lips
KFY -or- K4Y Kiss for you KOW Knock on wood
KIS Keep it simple KPC Keeping parents clueless
KISS Keep it simple stupid KWIM Know what I mean?
KIT Keep in touch


Text message abbreviations (L)

L Laugh LOLV Lot’s of love
L8 Late LOM Laugh out major
L8R Later LOML Love of my life
G8R  Gator LQL Laughing quite loudly
LBAY Laughing back at you LQTM Laughing quietly to myself
LBH Let’s be honest LQTM Laughing quietly to me
LD Later, dude LSHMBH Laughing so hard my belly hurts
LDR Long-distance relationship LTHTT Laughing too hard to type
LERK Leaving easy reach of keyboard LTM Laugh to myself
LHO Laughing head off LTNS Long time no see
LJBF Let’s just be friends LTNT Long time, no type
LLTA Lots and lots of thunderous applause LTR Long-term relationship
LMA Leave me alone LTS Laughing to self
LMAO Laughing my ass off LULAS Love you like a sister
LMBO Laugh my butt off LUWAMH Love you with all my heart
LMBO Laughing my butt off LY Love you
LMHO Laughing my head off LY4E Love ya forever
LMIRL Let’s meet in real life LYL Love you lots
LMK Let me know LYLAB Love you like a brother
LMS Let me see LYLAS Love you like a sister
LMSO Laughing my socks off LYMY Love you miss you
LOL Laughing out loud
LOL Lots of luck
LOL Lots of love


Text message abbreviations (M)

M8 Mate MOS Mom over shoulder
MEGO My eyes glaze over MOSS Member of same sex
MFI Mad for it MOTAS Member of the appropriate sex
MIA Missing in action MOTD Message of the day
MIRL Meet in real life MOTOS Member of the opposite sex
MLA Multiple letter acronym MRA Moving right along
MMA Meet me at MSG Message
MMB Message me back MSM Mainstream media
MMW Mark my words MTF More to follow
MOF Matter of fact MTFBWU May the force be with you
MOO My own opinion MUSM Miss you so much
MorF Male or female MYOB Mind your own business


Text message abbreviations (N)

N/A Not available / applicable NMH Not much here
N1 Nice one NMP Not my problem
NAC Not a clue NMU Not much, you?
NADT Not a darn thing NNTR No need to reply
NAGI Not a good idea NO1 No one
NALOPKT Not a lot of people know that noob N00b newbie
NaN Not a number NOOB or N00B Inferior person
NAVY Never again voluneer yourself NOYB None of your business
NBD No big deal NP No problem
NC No comment NPI No pun intended
NE Any NQA No Questions asked
NE1 Anyone NRN No response/reply necessary
NE14KFC? Anyone for KFC? NSFL Not safe for life
NEWB Person who is new to something NSFW Not safe for work.
NFM None for me / not for me NTIM Not that it matters
NFS Not for sale NTIMM Not that it matters much
NFW No freakin way NTS Note to self
NHOH Never heard of him/her NTW Not to worry
NIFOC Nude in front of the computer NTYMI Now that you mention it
NIH Not invented here NVM Never mind
NIMBY Not in my backyard NW No way
NIMBY Not in my backyard NWO No way out
NITL Not in this lifetime
NLT No later than
NM Nothing much / never mind


Text message abbreviations (O) 

O RLY? Oh, really? OOTD One of these days
O4U Only for you OOTO Out of the office
OAO Over and out OP On phone
OATUS On a totally unrelated subject OP Original poster, original post
OAUS On an unrelated subject ORLY Oh, really?
OB Obligatory OST On second thought
OBO Or best offer OT Off topic
OBTW Oh, by the way , OTB Off to bed
OH Overheard OTF Off the floor
OIC Oh, I see OTL Out to lunch
OLL Online love OTOH On the other hand
OMFG Oh my friggin god OTP On the phone
OMG Oh my god OTT Over the top
OMW On my way OTTH On the third hand
ONNA Oh no, not again OTTOMH Off the top of my head
ONNTA Oh no, not this again OTW Off to work
OO Over and out OVA Over
OOH Out of here OWTTE Or words to that effect
OOTC Obligatory on-topic comment OYO On your own


Text message abbreviations (P)

P911 Parent in room/parent alert PMF Pardon my french or pure freaking magic
PABG Packing a big gun PMFBI Pardon me for butting in
PAL Parents are listening -or- peace and love PMFI Pardon me for interrupting
PAW Parents are watching PMFJI Pardon me for jumping in
PCM Please call me PMFJIB Pardon me for jumping in but…
PCT Podcasting PMJI Pardon my jumping in
PD Public domain PMP Peeing my pants
PDA Public display of affection POAHF Put on a happy face
PDH Pretty darn happy POC Point of contact
PDQ Pretty darn quick POS Parent over shoulder
PI Pun intended POTS Plain old telephone service
PIBKAC Problem is between keyboard and chair POTUS President of the united states
PIR Parent in room POV Point of view
PITA Pain in the ass PPL People
PLMK Please let me know PRT Party
PLOKTA Press lots of keys to abort PRW People/parents are watching
PLS or PLZ Please PTB Please text back
PLU People like us PTL Praise the lord
PM Private message PTMM Please tell me more
PMBI Pardon my butting in PU That stinks!
PXT Please explain that


Text message abbreviations (Q) 

Q Question QQ Crying
Q2C Quick to cum QT Cutie
QIK Quick


Text message abbreviations (R) 

R Are RRQ Return receipt request
R U THERE? Are you there? RSN Real soon now
RAEBNC Read and enjoyed, but no comment RSVP Repondez s’il vous plait (French: please reply)
RAK Random act of kindness RT Real-time
REHI Hi again RT Retweet
RHIP Rank has its privileges RTBM Read the bloody manual
RL Real life RTFAQ Read the frequently asked questions
RLCO Real life conference RTFF Read the freaking faq
RME Rolling my eyes RTFM Read the fine manual
ROFL Rolling on the floor laughing RTM Read the manual
ROFLOL Roll on floor laughing out loud RTSM Read the silly manual
ROI Return on investment RU/18 Are you over 18?
ROTF Rolling on the floor RUH Are you horny?
ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing RUMORF Are you male or female?
RP Role plays RUOK Are you okay?
RPG Role-playing games RYFM Read your friendly manual
RYS Read your screen


Text message abbreviations (S) 

S Smile SorG Straight or gay
S2R Send to receive SOS Same old stuff or help!
SAL Such a laugh SOSDD Same old stuff different day
SAPFU Surpassing all previous foul-ups SOT Short on time
SC Stay cool SOTMG Short of time, must go
SCNR Sorry, could not resist SOW Speaking of which
SEC Wait a second SOZ Sorry
SETE Smiling ear to ear SPK Speak
SF Surfer-friendly (low-graphics website) SPOC Single point of contact
SFETE Smiling from ear to ear SPST Same place, same time
SFLA Stupid four-letter acronym SRSLY Seriously
SFLR Sorry, for late reply SRY Sorry
SHCOON Shoot hot coffee out of nose SS So sorry
SHID Slaps head in disgust SSDD Same stuff, different day
SICNR Sorry, I could not resist SSINF So stupid it’s not funny
SICS Sitting in chair snickering STN Spend the night
SIG2R Sorry, I got to run STR8 Straight
SIS Snickering in silence STW Search the web
SIT Stay in touch SUAKM Shut up and kiss me
SITD Still in the dark SUFID Screwing up face in disgust
SLAP Sounds like a plan SUITM See you in the morning
SLM See last mail SUL See you later
SMH Shaking my head SUL Snooze you lose
SMHID Scratching my head in disbelief SUP What’s up?
SMOP Small matter of programming SWAK Sealed with a kiss
SMS Short message service SWIM See what I mean?
SNAFU Situation normal all fouled up SWL Screaming with laughter
SO Significant other SWYP So, what’s your problem?
SOB Stressed out bigtime SYL See you later
SOH Sense of humor SYS See you soon
SOMSW Someone over my shoulder watching
SOMY Sick of me yet?
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (T) 

T+ Think positive TLA Three-letter acronym
TA Thanks a lot TLK2UL8R Talk to you later
TA Thanks again TMB Text me back
TAF That’s all, folks! TMI Too much information
TAFN That’s all, for now, TMOT Trust me on this
TAKS That’s a knee slapper TMRW Tomorrow
TAM Tomorrow a.m. TMWFI Take my word for it
TANJ There ain’t no justice TNSTAAFL There’s no such thing as a free lunch
TARFU Things are really fouled up TNT Till next time
TB4U Too bad for you TNTL Trying not to laugh
TBA To be announced TNX Thanks
TBC To be continued / to be confirmed TNXE6 Thanks a million
TBD To be decided TOBAL There oughta be a law
TBH To be honest TOBG This oughta be good
TBYB Try before you buy TOMA Take over my arse/ass
TC Take care TOTT Think on these things
TCO Total cost of ownership TOY Thinking of you
TCOY Take care of yourself TPM Tomorrow p.m.
TD2O Too drunk to operate TPTB The powers that be
TDM Too darn many TQ Thank you
TDTM Talk dirty to me TRDMC Tears running down my cheeks
TFF Too freaking funny TS Totally stinks
TFS Three-finger salute (ctrl-alt-del) TSR Totally stupid rules
TFTHAOT Thanks for the help ahead of time TSTB The sooner, the better
TFTT Thanks for the thought TTBOMK To the best of my knowledge
TGAL Think globally, act locally TTFN Ta-ta for now
TGIF Thank goodness its Friday TTKSF Trying to keep a straight face
THNQ Thank-you TTT Thought that, too
THNX Thanks TTTT These things take time
THX Thanks -or- thank you TTTT To tell the truth
THX TNX Thanks TTYAWFN Talk to you a while from now
TIA Thanks in advance TTYL Talk to you later
TIA Thanks in advance TTYS Talk to you soon
TIAD Tomorrow is another day TTYT Talk to you tomorrow
TIC Tongue in cheek TY or TU Thank you
TILII Tell it like it is TYT Take your time
TIME Tears in my eyes TYVM Thank you very much
TINWIS That is not what I said
TISNF That is so not fair

Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (U)

U You UOK Are You OK?
U2 You Too UOM You Owe Me
UAF Until further notice UOMBT You Owe Me Big Time
UAPITA You’re a pain in the ass UR You Are -or- You’re
UCMU You crack me up UV Unpleasant visual
UGTBK You’ve got to be kidding UW You’re welcome
UKTR You know that’s right UWFS Unit Went For a Swim
UL Upload

Text message abbreviations

Chat abbreviations (V)

VBG Very big grin VIP Very important person
VEG Very evil grin VM Voicemail
VFM Value for money VSF Very sad face
VGC Very good condition


Chat abbreviations (W)

W/ With WOMT Waste of my time
W/B Write back WOTAM Waste of time and money
W/E Whatever WRK Work
W/O Without WRT With regard to
W00T We owned the other team WRUD What are you doing
W8 Wait WT Without thinking
WAEF When all else fails WT? What/who the?
WAG Wild assed guess WTB Want to buy
WAM Wait a minute WTF What the f***
WAN2TLK Want to talk WTG Way to go
WAYD What are you doing? WTGP Want to go private?
WAYF Where are you from? WTH What the heck/hell?
WB Welcome back WTMI Way too much information
WBS Write back soon WTN What then now?
WC Who cares WTPA Where the party at?
WCA Who cares anyway WTTM Without thinking too much
WDYK What do you know WU What’s up?
WDYT What do you think? WUCIWUG  What you see is what you get
WE Whatever WUF Where you from
WEG Wicked evil grin WUM Watch your mouth
WFM Works for me WWJD What would Jesus do?
WHT Whatever happened to WWYC Write when you can
WIBNI Wouldn’t it be nice if WWYD What would you do?
WIIFM What’s in it for me? WYCM Will you call me?
WISP Winning is so pleasurable WYGOWM Will you go out with me?
WITW What in the world WYLEI When you least expect it
WIU Wrap it up WYM Watch your mouth
WK Week WYRN What’s your real name?
WKD Weekend
WOA Work of art
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

Text message abbreviations (XYZ)

X Kiss YGWYPF You get what you pay for
XLNT Excellent YIU Yes, I understand
XOXO Hugs and kisses YIWGP Yes, I  will go private
Y Why? YKWIM You know what I mean
YABA Yet another bloody acronym YKWYCD You know what you can do
YAM Yet another meeting YMMD You made my day
YAOTM Yet another off-topic message YMMV Your mileage may vary
YAUN Yet another Unix nerd YOLO You only live once
YBS You’ll be sorry YR Yeah right
YCMU You crack me up YRG You are good
YGBKM You’ve got to be kidding me YSYD Yeah sure you do
YGLT You’re gonna love this YT? You there?
YGM You’ve got mail YW You are welcome
YGTBK You’ve got to be kidding ZZZ Sleeping
YGTI You get the idea?
Text message abbreviations
Text message abbreviations

There are many ways to chat online, you can use one of them. Hope this text message abbreviations list will be helpful for you.

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