5 Observations on Operating in a Political Environment by French and Bell

There are 5(five) observations on operating in a political environment. These observations have been taken from French and Bell’s Organization Development book. These are shortly discussed below:

Operating in a political environment

1. Potential power base: In a few organizations. Power base politics may be done. If the bases are strong, politics may be more influential.

2. Reducing negatives face: Some politicians reduce their negative activate to earn popularity to retain people’s supports.

3. Effectiveness: Political activities may sometimes be performed effectively and sometimes ineffectively. Effective politics earns a lot and ineffective politics minimum.

4. Learning about bargaining: Organizational politicians should learn about bargaining and related matters for obtaining expected results.

5. Realization about sources: Organizational politicians realize that their power usually stems from possessing a commodity valued by others.

Operating in a Political Environment
Operating in a Political Environment

In addition to these observations, there may be many other points also. But the main issue is whiter organizational politics is gaining maximum benefits for both employees and organizations.

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