Problems of Financial Institutions in Bangladesh

Financial institutions play a vital role in a country’s economy and business world. But this financial institution is not free for problems.

So, here we give some major and common problems of financial institutions in Bangladesh below:

Problems of financial institutions

  1. Political instability
  2. Lack of awareness
  3. Lack of investment climate
  4. Lack of investment company and merchant banks
  5. Lack of information about the loaners
  6. Failure to produce collateral
  7. Legal problem to realize the loan
  8. Complex and time-consuming procedure to sanction loans
  9. Government interference
  10. Lack of supervision
  11. Default culture
  12. Rate of interest
  13. Failure to reach the loan to the needy
  14. The problem of determining priority
  15. The problem of determining the amount of credit
Problems of Financial Institutions
Problems of Financial Institutions

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