Proposed Model of Organizational Politics to Handle Politics in Organization

Every organization follows a process in handling politics, on the other hand, employees involve themselves with politics for the achievement of various purposes.

In the proposed model 12 variables are shown. Out of the environment influences both positive and negative faces of politics. The components of the model are discussed below:

Proposed model of organizational politics

1. Background: The background of the persons to be involved in organizational politics should be strong. It may be his educational background, experience, or political background.

2. Job: They must get jobs in the organization. Outsiders cannot do well in organizational politics. People within the organization get support from employees.

3. Legitimate Power: Organizational politicians must get legitimate power after the election. They should use their power for fair purposes also. More legitimate power makes them strong.

4. Illegitimate Power: Sometimes people are earning illegitimate power. That is they do not adopt fair means. Propagation, misrepresentation, the threat of Hartal or strike, etc. are the popular ways of such power. A good number of people involve themselves intestinally in politics. This intentional act drives them to march forward too much courage and expectation.

5. Unintentional Power: Due to some circumstances some leaders are bound to be leaders or involve themselves with politics. Lack of qualified and interested persons. These potential persons are called on to be involved.

6. Sanctioned Power: According to organizational rules and laws some sort of power is sanctioned to the politicians. Sanctioned power makes them strong to do or not to do something.

7. Non-sanctioned Power: Some people gain power and authority for these mental and emotional strengths. Though they do not get power, they do many things on their own by taking initiatives.

Proposed Model of Organizational Politics
Proposed Model of Organizational Politics

8. Environment: Favorable environment makes politics fair and dynamic and an unfavorable environment hampers the politics. Both management and employees can ensure a good environment.

9. Positive Face: Organizational politics has a positive face. Politicians act positively, gain more things, act fairly, and thus can increase popularity. Thus the environment becomes more congenial.

10. Negative Face: Some people behave negatively, act unfairly, pressurize management for more favor, etc. For exploiting the organization this type of power and authority are used.

11. Achievement of goal: Whatever may be the means of doing politics, positive or negative, the ultimate goal should be to achieve expected results. Other-wise organizational discipline may be hampered.

12. Indiscipline: If the politicians adopt unfair means to mobilize the things all along the organization as well as people may be affected and indiscipline may be created.

These are the components of the proposed model of organizational politics. Any organization can follow this model to ensure fairness in organizational politics.

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