Qualities of Successful SHR Manager

A few qualities are required for strategic human resource management (SHRM) in Bangladesh. The more the quality more the strength of SHRM (strategic human resource management). These qualities of a successful SHR manager are mentioned below:

Qualities of successful SHR manager

  1. Strong analytical skills.
  2. Foresight and knowledge of events and changes in the contemporary world.
  3. Alignment with the organization’s strategic plan.
  4. All managerial skills and knowledge.
  5. Drive for self and organizational development.
  6. Innovation and adaptability.
  7. Understanding of the general and business culture of Bangladesh.
  8. Strong liaison with people in the industry, government, and political parties.
  9. Characteristics leading to and influencing power.
  10. Sound knowledge and adaptability of technology and technology changes in the industry.
  11. Physical and mental fitness for continuous strict supervision.
Qualities of Successful SHR Manager
Qualities of Successful SHR Manager

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