Hotel Reservation Letter Sample and Example

The earlier you make reservations, the better your chances of getting what you want. In sending your deposit and reservation letter, restate the accommodations you want, the dates of your stay, and the rates quoted to you. If you need to make any special arrangements for arrival or departure, be sure to mention them. Keep a copy of your letter for future reference,  in case there is any question about what you wanted. Make sure you get written confirmation and a receipt for your deposit. Let’s see a reservation letter sample and example.

Hotel reservation letter sample

June 3, 2022


Broadmoor Resort
P.O. Box 2360
Brighton, NH 03223

Dear Mrs. Douglas:
Thank you for the information on your resort that you sent us. We would like to reserve a room for one week beginning Friday, October 5, and ending Saturday, October 13.

There will be four people at our party–my husband and myself and our two children, ages 3 and 7. We would like one room with two double beds. I understand your daily rate for such a room is $75.00.  As required, I’m enclosing a check for $50.00 as a deposit. Please send me a confirmation of our reservation and a receipt for the deposit.

We’ll arrive in the evening on Friday, October 5. Please hold our room past your usual 6 pm check-in deadline. We probably will not get there before 7 or 8 pm. We look forward to meeting you–your resort looks like a lovely place to spend a vacation.

The children are very excited about visiting the animal farm nearby.

Emily Carter
4723 West Niles Road
New Haven, CT 06510

Reservation letter sample and example
Reservation letter sample

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