Sample Apology Letter to Wife

Sometimes a small word “sorry” saves a relationship. If you realize that you have done a mistake, you have to tell sorry to your beloved wife. If you can’t express your feelings with your speech, you can write a lovely letter to your wife. A lovely apology letter to wife is provided on this page.

Apology letter to wife

 Date: September 9, 2022


Dear (Your wife’s Name),

I would like to tell sorry to you for my actions that occurred last night. But I have no courage to face you. Yesterday I promised you that we will go for a candlelight dinner. But I can’t reach home in time. I am extremely sorry my love. I was in the office at an important meeting. Those clients are very important to our company.

If we have lost that contract, it will be very harmful to our company. Our company will make huge profits by winning the contract. The meeting takes too long that I haven’t any idea about the time. Suddenly I realize that it was midnight and I have promised you a candlelight dinner. But it was too late. I felt very sorry for you. I know I can’t keep my promise and I let you down. I am extremely sorry for that. But believe me, next time I won’t give you a chance to complain. Next time we will go to your favorite restaurant.

I know nowadays I can’t give you the proper time. The workload of the office is increasing day by day. But I assure you from today I will give you the proper time which you deserve. Honey, you are my life. I can’t see your sad face. Please always keep a smile for me. I love you a lot.

Your loving husband

(Your Name) 

Apology letter to wife
Apology letter to wife

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