Sample Birthday Letter for Boyfriend

Birthday is always a great occasion for everyone especially if you have a boyfriend it is a great chance to express your feelings by giving a birthday letter to your boyfriend. You may say couples always express their feelings, yes I agree but that is too informal and someone doesn’t think much in regular conversation. If you write a letter you get enough time to think so, you can say what you say. Here is a sample birthday letter for boyfriend.

On the other hand, you should have a gift for your boyfriend on this occasion and a letter which discloses your feelings of love it makes your boyfriend the happiest man in the world. So, let’s write a birthday letter for boyfriend.

Following are some sample birthday letter for boyfriend

To Michael

From Jenifer

Happy birthday love of my life. The day is so much important to me and I am really very glad to be with you today because you are the man for whom I feel special. Really, you are the most special man for me in the world.

I can clearly remember the day when we meet for the first time at the marriage ceremony of my cousin. You look so handsome though I never told you before. I was so curious to talk to you, but you come to me to talk. And the day you propose to me that was the happiest day of my life.  I just feel that I got everything in the whole world.

Having a boyfriend like you who is so much caring, loving, handsome, and honest is a matter of luck. I feel proud of you. My parents also like you very much.  Actually, Michael, I am thinking about our future life. Life will be simple great with you. I can’t even think of my life without you.

Please be with me till the last day of my life. Happy birthday Michael again hope you will celebrate hundreds of birthday in your life.

Sample birthday letter for boyfriend

Make a good design for your letter. Make a card if possible and write your letter on that card. We give a sample birthday card image above if you like it you may follow this design.

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