Sample Family Reunion Invitation Letter to all Family Member

In this busy world, we are all busy with our own work. In this busy schedule of life, we can’t find time for our family. So that we cannot meet with family members properly. We have to meet with them for maintaining good bonding with them. Because ultimately they all love us. This is a sample family reunion invitation letter. In this letter, one member of the family invites others for a family reunion. The family reunion is very important for keeping bonding with each other. We all should organize a family reunion for a better relationship.

Sample family reunion invitation letter

(Name of the letter recipients)
(Address of the letter recipients)

Dear (Name of the letter recipients),
I am writing to you to invite you to a very special event. The special event is our family reunion. It was a long time we met. We need a refreshment. Without the meeting, the relationship starts breaking. So we need a reunion.

Grandmother requests me to organize a family program. She wants to spend some time with all of us. She misses all of you every moment. I cannot break her hope.

According to her will, I will organize a family party. I fixed the entire problem with the house which happened a few years ago. So I hope you will not face any problems here. I can ensure you.

I invited all of our relatives. I sent a letter to my elder uncle and Q’s aunt. I requested them to join us. Our reunion will hold on 12 October at our grandmother’s house. I think my decisions are right. I want to know your opinion and your advice in your next letter.

Please join us along with my lovely sisters and aunt. We all cousins did not meet for a long time. I miss them all. I wish you would join all of them.

Warmest Regard
(Your Name)

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