Sample Get-Together Invitation Letter to the Friends

If you are going to arrange a get-together for friends or family members and looking for a superb way to let them know about the party, then this idea is for you. Simply write a get-together invitation letter and send it via courier or e-mail. Through get together invitation letter pattern and spread the word of the lips in a great manner. Arranging a get-together is a most excellent way to reconnect with friends or family members after a long while.

Whether it is a matter of staff get-togethers, friends get-togethers, students get-togethers, or family gets together, the appropriately worded invitation can help you a lot to set the tone of the event in front of your visitors you want them to be with you.

Get together invitation may include the title of the event, the name of the host of the event, date, time, reason for getting together and contact details, etc. Using recently mentioned details and information, your guests can easily arrive at you to join the event which is prearranged by you. Hope that this sample get-together invitation letter will help you.

Sample Get-Together Invitation Letter to the Friends

Sub: Get together invitation


Dear Mr. L,
We, Johanbarg School students’ union, take this chance to invite our entire pass-out seniors for the get-together 2016 on the old student’s get-together.

We have set up an Alumni association for which our 2010 batch Mr. p is the head and Ms. QR it’s General Secretary.

The event will be held at the Queens hotel on 18th Mar’16, the second Sunday of this month. We want that the program will start from 10:00 A.M. in the morning and finish by 9:30 P.M.

The occasion will include salsa, music, and sports event. There will be content for songs, salsa, painting, artwork, etc. A whole lot of entertainment.

We have set for lunch, tea, snacks, and dinner. All that is expected from you is your valuable time and being there to make this occasion a luxurious success.

Looking forward to all your presence without fail. Please confirm your presence as soon as possible.

Thanking you.

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