Sample Invitation Letter for Event Sponsorship

Writing a letter to a potential sponsor can be an intimidating process, but it doesn’t contain to be.  By breaking it into a step-by-step process, you can complete this assignment incrementally.

The letter filling should provide essential information about the projected event to be held and the reason or foundation of the function. Profit for the sponsoring companies is listed to entice them into participating in the occasion.

Significant things to keep in mind in writing your sponsorship invitation letter. Deal with your written sponsorship letter to the right person. Call your possible sponsor’s association and find out the person name, who deals with generous giving and sponsorship.

The letter should be good in writing. The sponsorship invitation letter should be clear in a sentence. It should fill with all the important information. Here is a sample invitation letter for event sponsorship.

Invitation letter for event sponsorship



Subject: Sample sponsorship request letter.

Dear Mr. M,
I am writing this letter to you for a reason. I want to inform you that we are arranging a program on the consciousness of HIV AIDS. For this reason, we are going to arrange a program. The show will consist of a play and a lot of speeches which will generate consciousness among the community. This risk syndrome is spreading very quickly nowadays.

It is required of the hour to save the nation from this disease and generate consciousness among them concerning this. Thus we appeal to you to sponsor our show. We really want your sponsorship. In the program hoardings of your company will be put as you are sponsoring the show. We are doing this for an excellent reason and due to this, we need your dynamic participation.

I hope you will judge this letter.

Yours sincerely,
D Dave.

Invitation Letter for Event Sponsorship
Invitation Letter for Event Sponsorship

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