Sample Thank You Letter for Recommendation

Are you wanted to write a letter for getting a recommendation from someone? Here is a sample thank you letter for a recommendation.

Thank you letter for recommendation

Dear Sir [Name of Recipient],

That day what you did for me it’s really irreparable and it was much needed for me.  I achieved flying colors for your benevolent assistance. For your praiseworthy recommendation, I get such a smart job that was very serviceable for me. I am really grateful to you and never forget your help. I will be glad if you are benefited by me somehow. Please accept my respectable thanks from my heart of heart.

It was a memorable day and pleasant for me when I heard that I am selected for the post. I got this opportunity for your recommendation. Actually, I was very disappointed and pessimistic when I was unemployed and at that time a job is needed for me. In spite of qualification when I don’t get any work it’s really painful for me.

That time I was in problems over head and ears, I was in deep tension for my put luck.  Day by day I turn into a drunkard. At that moment you helped me as a well-wisher. For your kind sympathy, I can start again my life from scratch. Excepting for your help, I couldn’t lead a spontaneous life. Now my life is easy, delightful, pleasing, and tensed free which I get just because of you. Today I am an established and familiar person in society for kind assistance.

I always remember you for your sympathetic attitude which you have done and all-time pray to God for your happiness and welfare. If any sort of help is needed please inform me and I will try my best for you. I will be happy if you are happy with my help.

Thank you once again for giving me such a charming life that’s why I lead an easy life.

Thank you very much.
[Your Name]

Thank You Letter for Recommendation
Thank You Letter for Recommendation

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