Strategic Choices of Human Resource Management (HRM)

In view of embarking upon an effective corporate strategy, a strategic human resource manager must consider some choices. In the following paragraphs partial lists of some strategic choices of human resource management are given:

Strategic choices of human resource management

1. Knowing Present Position: Strategic human resource managers must evaluate their present position. They must decide whether the company will remain with the present strategy or craft a new strategy.

2. Nature of Change: To make this decision, strategic human resource managers must know exactly the nature of change since the current strategic approach was implemented. Because the economy of the country can affect the nature of change.

3. Ripple Effects: In the case of any changes suggested, the strategic human resource (SHR) managers must understand the ripple effects of that change on other human resource management (HRM) functions. Otherwise, other HRM functions may be affected.

4. Evaluating Current Approach: At the last stage, the SHR manager must evaluate the current approach of the company. This evaluation can give him an idea that what his competitors are doing and whether his present strategy is capable enough to compete.


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