Training and Development Institutes in Bangladesh

Many training institutes are at present working in Bangladesh. These are both for employee training and for the management or executive training. These are located throughout the country. Some training and development institutes in Bangladesh are listed below:

  1. ABTI- Agrani Bank Training Institute
  2. APD– Academy for Planning & Development
  3. BBTA- Bangladesh Bank Training Academy
  4. BCSA- Bangladesh Civil Service Academy
  5. BIBM-Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management
  6. BKBTI – Bangladesh Krishi Bank Training Institute
  7. BPATC- Bangladesh Public Administration Training Centre
  8. BTI– Bangladesh Technical institute
  9. BVTI- Bangladesh Vocational Training Institute
  10. FBS– Faculty of Business Studies (Dhaka University)
  11. GTI – Garments Training Institute
  12. HTTI- Hotel and Tourism Training Institute
  13. ITI-Imam Training Institute
  14. IBA– Institute of Business Administration (Dhaka University)

    Training and Development Institutes in Bangladesh
    Training and Development Institutes in Bangladesh
  15. IBTRA- Islamic Bank Training & Research Academy
  16. ICAB- Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh
  17. ICMAB – Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh
  18. IFB– Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh
  19. IPM– Institute of Personnel Management
  20. IRI- Industrial Relations Institute
  21. JBTI- Janata Bank Training Institute
  22. MIST- Military Institute of Science & Technology
  23. NAEM– National Academy for Education & Management
  24. NBTI- National Bank Training Institute
  25. PMI– Project Management Institute
  26. PTI– Primary Training Institute
  27. RBTI- Rupali Bank Training Institute
  28. SBSC- Sonali Bank Staff College

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