Traits and attributes of a successful manager

The small business manager in order to be successful should have some attractive attributes.

These make it acceptable to both the owner as well to the subordinates. These attributes of a successful manager are:

Attributes of a successful manager

  1. Empathic: Sensitive to the needs of others
  2. Delegate’s authority: lets others have control & freedom over something
  3. Self-confident: acts positively and decisively with the available facts
  4. Trusting, fair & honest: Open and honest in dealing with others
  5. Encourages innovation: Wants people to come forward with their ideas
  6. Good listener: Sincerely listens, reacts, and gives due weightage
  7. Loyal & Supportive: Backs up employees on controversial things
  8. Creative & technically competent: knows the business inside and out and has good ideas
  9. Good planner & organizer: look ahead and can pull together what’s needed to get there
  10. Gives feedback on performance: tells people how they are doing and is a good teacher

The manager remains sensitive to the needs & expectations of those related to the enterprise of which he is the manager. He does everything following management principles.

One survey of top managers revealed that they possessed most of the following traits:

  1. A great sense of independence
  2. A strong sense of enterprise
  3. Jealously guards his time
  4. Limited formal education
  5. Expects quick and concrete results
  6. Enters small business more by chance than by design
  7. Dominated as much by persona) and family considerations as by professional choices

Small business managers also must have the following:

  1. Drive
  2. Initiative and enthusiasm
  3. Thinking ability
  4. Flexibility
  5. Objectivity
  6. Decisiveness
  7. Imagination
  8. Emotional stability
  9. Mental alertness and analytical skill
  10. Human relation ability –
  11. Communications ability
  12. Technical Knowledge

Figure showing the Balance Between Doing and Being by an Owner-Manager

The first alphabets of the DO functions if taken together make the word positive, meaning direction under control while the first alphabets of the BE traits if taken together make the word leadership, meaning again under control ensuring desired efficiency and productivity.

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