What is the Meaning of Grapevine?

Let’s discuss the meaning of grapevine, informal communication system, or grapevine is made up of all channels of communication that fall outside other officially designated channels that are spelled out in rules, regulations, and annuals of the organ saint.

Where formal channels are salient on the subject important to members of the organization informal network becomes strong. The communication in an informal organization is thorough grapevine which is also called an underground telegraph system.

It is but natural, wherever and whenever human beings congregate, they interact, talk about their work, colleagues, associates, friends, families, etc. and any information given or received through such communication spread very rapidly. Has a tremendous capacity to carry any good or bad information.

Meaning of grapevine

The grapevine information may be oral or written or by observation. What cannot be communicated officially may be fed to this channel for wide circulation. The information leakage is also most effective through grapevines. The information received through this media maybe a hundred percent correct or entirely false.

What is the Meaning of Grapevine
What is the Meaning of Grapevine

It may leak through authority or the assistant in-charge. It may relate to action taken or being contemplated. What is surprising is its speed with which it travels and the number, of persons it reaches. The management should keep its pace with it.

Since the grapevine arises from social interaction, it is as fickle, dynamic, and varied as people are. If anybody is q1uite uninterested in social interaction or in knowing or telling what is happening around him, it means that he is maladjusted in society otherwise he cannot keep himself unconcerned about what is happening with the other members of the group.

Grapevine cannot be abolished, rubbed out, hidden under a basket chapped down, tied up, or stopped if anybody tries to abolish or stop it or suppress it, it will emerge out at some other place and if we cut off one of its sources, it will move to another one.

Thus, its abolition is not possible. It is a human birthright because whenever people congregate, into groups, the grapevine is sure to develop whatever be the method or source.

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