Cash Flow Statement Template / Format / Example / Sample

Cash flow statement also is known as the statement of cash flow. Cash flow statement shows the changes of the balance sheet and much more. Here is a cash flow statement template.

Cash flow statement template

Operation For the period ended
2000 2001 2002
Source of Funds
Internal sourcesĀ 

Net profit (before taxes and interest and after depreciation)

Add: Depreciation

Less: Taxes paid/payable

(relating to the year)

Less: Dividend paid/payable

(relating to the year)

External sources

Increase in share capital

Increase in long-term loans

Increase in short-term loans

Increase in deferred payments

on plant and machinery

Sale of fixed assets and investments

Other sources

Total of Source of funds Total ( i to ii)

Uses or Application of Funds
  • Capital expenditure (fixed assets)
  • Decrease in long-term loans
  • Increases in current assets
  • Decrease in Unsecured Loans and other current liabilities
  • Interest on borrowing
  • Other expenses (tax, dividend etc.)

Total of Uses of funds Total (i to vi)

Opening balance of cash/bank balance at beginning of the period Add/subtract: Surplus/deficit during the period

Closing cash and bank balance at the end of the period.

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